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6th January 2017

Fact: British acting veterans Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie have signed on to join Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in their comedy take on famed literary detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. John Watson, reports TheWrap.com. The project, titled Holmes and Watson, is currently in production in London with writer Etan Cohen also taking the reins as director.

5th May 2015

Fact: Comedian Will Ferrell donned a balding wig and an ill-fitting suit jacket during a surprise appearance on America's The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday (04May15) to reprise his Saturday Night Live impression of late baseball announcer Harry Caray. Ferrell sat in the audience in his costume towards the end of the show, before joining Letterman onstage to bid him farewell. The veteran TV presenter will step down as the talk show's host later this month (May15).

27th March 2015

Fact: Wacky Will Ferrell conducted an entire TV interview with a cockatoo on his shoulder on Thursday (26Mar15). During a guest spot on U.S. late night show Conan, he walked out with Professor Feathers perched on his shoulder, and then pretended to be upset when host Conan O'Brien started delving into his "personal life" by asking him about the bird.

19th March 2015

Fact: Comedian Will Ferrell dressed in drag for an appearance on America's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (18Mar15) as he pretended to be the new spokesperson for U.S. snack cake brand Little Debbie. The actor wore a blue plaid dress and a matching straw hat, just like the image of the girl in the Little Debbie logo, and insisted on being addressed as the titular character.

18th March 2015

Fact: Comedian Will Ferrell embraced the spirit of St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday (17Mar15) by dressing up as a leprechaun for an appearance on America's The Late Show with David Letterman. The Elf actor, who has Irish heritage, kept a straight face as he told the host, "St. Patrick's Day is a really serious holiday to me. We know of it as getting drunk and drinking green beer. But we forget in the 15th century, the real St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland. So, every St. Patrick's Day, I put on my outfit and walk the streets of New York educating people on the dangers of snakes." He also performed popular folk song Danny Boy, altering the lyrics to warn of snake attacks.

16th March 2015

Fact: Will Ferrell will be honoured with the 2,547th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next week (24Mar15). His actor pals John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon will be among those inducting him.

20th August 2014

Fact: Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann were among the stars who turned out for the wedding of celebrity publicist Matt Lebrov in Los Angeles on Saturday (16Aug14).

5th June 2014

Fact: Comedians Will Ferrell and Larry David were among the home team fans cheering on the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup ice hockey finals on Wednesday (04Jun14) as they beat the New York Rangers 3-2 in overtime. The two sides will go head-to-head in L.A. again on Saturday (07Jun14) before the championship finals head to the Big Apple on Monday (09Jun14) for the next pair of games.

16th April 2014

Fact: Will Ferrell's Tv anchorman alter ego Ron Burgundy has inspired a new brand of liquor. A Scotch called Great Odin's Raven Special Reserve is available for a limited time on the U.K. Drinks Supermarket website for $35 (£22) a bottle. Last year (13), Ben and Jerry's ice cream makers created a special flavour called Scotchy Scotch Scotch after Burgundy's drink of choice.

25th March 2014

Fact: Rapper T.I. has landed a role alongside Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in their new comedy Get Hard. The Whatever You Like hitmaker will play Hart's cousin in the film, which centres around a businessman who is convicted of a crime he did not commit. The film is set to hit theatres next year (15).

6th March 2014

Fact: Will Ferrell paired up with tennis champ Novak Djokovic to play against Kevin Spacey and Swiss pro Stan Wawrinka for the Desert Smash Showdown charity tennis match in California on Tuesday (04Mar14). The proceeds went to the Cancer for College charity, which provides scholarships to cancer survivors. Rebel Wilson, Joel MCHale and Redfoo from dance act LMFAO also took part.

21st February 2014

Fact: U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her acting skills on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (20Feb14), when she joined Will Ferrell and Fallon in an hilarious pre-taped skit where the actors dressed up as young girls in a fake TeenNick show called Ew.

7th February 2014

Quote: "A lot of people think that it's me playing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that would be an insult to Chad Smith. The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith." Will Ferrell pokes fun at the fact he looks like the Red Hot Chili Peppers star in a new FunnyorDie.com video, in which the musician urges the actor to "stop impersonating me".

18th December 2013

Fact: Actor Will Ferrell showed off his singing skills on Tv on Monday (16Dec13) when he performed Christmas Time Is Here for an hilarious duet with the Vienna Boys Choir on America's Late Show With David Letterman.

17th December 2013

Fact: Actor Will Ferrell appeared with his Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues dog co-star Baxter for an interview on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Tuesday (17Dec13) to promote their new movie.

17th December 2013

Fact: Actor Steve Carell surprised audience members on U.S. breakfast show Live! with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday (17Dec13), when he joined his Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues co-star Will Ferrell for a holiday-themed version of drawing game Pictionary.

10th December 2013

Fact: Will Ferrell's character Ron Burgundy has teamed up with Robin Thicke to record a comedy version of Christopher Cross' Ride Like the Wind for the soundtrack of the movie star's Anchorman sequel. Cross' original 1980 recording of the song will also be included on the soundtrack.

4th December 2013

Quote: "I want to keep making things where, potentially, I do turn off part of the audience. Because the percentage that's going, 'I can't believe this is happening, and I love it' - that's what I gravitate toward." Actor and funnyman Will Ferrell likes to shock film fans.

2nd December 2013

Quote: "We had gone out to dinner, and by the time we had left the restaurant, there was a mob of high-school kids outside. There was a panel that blocked part of the window and they were jumping up trying to look... I'm a 46-year-old version of One Direction. All five of them packed into one middle-aged guy." Actor Will Ferrell compares himself to boyband One Direction.

25th November 2013

Fact: Will Ferrell's eccentric newsman character from Anchorman 2, Ron Burgundy, will serve as a commentator for a curling tournament in Winnipeg, Canada on 1 December (13). The fictional journalist will be in The Sports Network's broadcast booth giving the play by play for the ice sport's Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings tournament, which determines who will represent Canada in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

21st November 2013

Fact: Robin Thicke is working on a new duet with Will Ferrell's Anchorman character Ron Burgundy.

14th November 2013

Fact: Will Ferrell's bumbling newsman character from the Anchorman film franchise, Ron Burgundy, has landed his own exhibit. Costumes and props from 2004 hit Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy and its upcoming sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, feature in a new display at Washington D.C.'s Newseum, which will open on Thursday (14Nov13) and run until the end of August, 2014.

5th November 2013

Quote: "My wife just commented today that Ron Burgundy looks like a real a**hole." Will Ferrell's wife Vivica doesn't share her husband's affection for his reprised role as the eccentric journalist in the highly-anticipated Anchorman 2 film.

16th August 2013

Fact: Taylor Swift's dream dinner party guests would include comedians Will Ferrell and Conan O Brien, and Tv chef Ina Garten.

11th January 2013

Fact: Funnyman Will Ferrell portrayed a shopping channel knife and sword salesman in a skit on U.S. late-night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (09Jan13). Kimmel's scheduled guest Ryan Gosling showed up as Ferrell's assistant and held a tray of items, like cotton candy and chocolate milk cartons for the comedian to slice through.

20th December 2012

Fact: The long-awaited sequel to Will Ferrell's popular cult comedy Anchorman is set for release next year (13).

10th September 2012

Fact: Actors Will Ferrell, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, Lmao's Redfoo, supermodel Tyra Banks and actress Minka Kelly were all in the audience at the U.S. Open Women's Final between Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams. Williams won the title 6-2, 2-6, 7-5.

10th August 2012

Quote: "I should be nominated for an Oscar just so one can see me sitting next to Helen Mirren while I smoke a pipe." Will Ferrell on why he deserves a seat at the Academy Awards.

3rd August 2012

Quote: "The U.S.A. women's gymnastic team took home the gold. It's so great to see those little Russian girls crying. Oh my God, I was just laughing so hard... For decades the Russians were so good and now they're nothing... You know why, because we're the U.S.A., the best country in the world... Russia sucks." Will Ferrell has no sympathy for the Russian gymnasts who failed to win gold at the London Olympics.

19th April 2012

Fact: Actors Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and Neil Patrick Harris are among the stars who've recorded personal e-cards in celebration of America's upcoming Mother's Day (13May12). Each of the free, comedic greetings also feature a gentle reminder for women to get screened for breast cancer in a bid to stress the importance of early detection.

11th April 2012

Fact: Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal and Zach Galifianakis are among the nominees for the upcoming Webby Awards, which celebrate the best of the internet. The prizegiving, in which winners have to give a five-word acceptance speech, takes place in New York on 21 May (12).

15th March 2012

Fact: Actors Mike Myers, Gerard Butler and Will Ferrell have joined the all-star Soccer Aid match. The charity soccer game, to be captained by Robbie Williams and Michael Sheen, will take place in Manchester, England on 27 May (12).

15th March 2012

Fact: Funnyman Will Ferrell made a grand entrance on late night U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday (13Mar12), riding a prop horse pulled by a burly hunk, who was wearing only cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a bandana and a pair of swimming trunks. The Old School star conducted his interview with Kimmel in Spanish as he promoted his new foreign language comedy Casa De Mi Padre.

2nd February 2012

Quote: "When I read bedtime stories to my three sons, I try to do funny voices, and I immediately get a lot of c**p for it. They say, 'Papa, what are you doing? Just use a regular voice!' They're not impressed. They don't find me funny." Comedian Will Ferrell struggles to impress his kids with his impressions.

5th August 2011

Quote: "I just kind of have a comedic looking body, I guess. If anything I really have to exercise just to not look too fudgy, otherwise I would just keep going and going." Funnyman Will Ferrell on his doughy physique.

4th August 2011

Quote: "I am kind of boring to me." Will Ferrell hates talking about himself in interviews.

19th May 2011

Fact: Will Ferrell worked at Disneyland for a day during his youth. He quit to help a friend run a surf shop.

18th May 2011

Fact: The Other Guys stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are to team up again to play rivals in football comedy Turkey Bowl.

14th May 2011

Quote: "We're just kind of two kindred souls. We were probably brothers in a past life. We just kind of click with our comedic sensibility. It really comes down to the basic thing of thinking the same thing is funny and we totally do. It's the most unique kind of relationship I have with anyone in a way." Funnyman Will Ferrell on pal and Step Brothers co-star John C. Reilly

27th January 2011

Fact: Funnyman Will Ferrell is set to join U.S. TV comedy The Office for a four-episode arc that will extend past Steve Carell's final episode. Ferrell and Carell teamed up on the big screen in Anchorman.

24th December 2010

Quote: "My favourite Christmas themed movie would have to be IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE." Will Ferrell loves the classic festive film.

22nd November 2010

Quote: "Isn't that the whole point? I mean, aren't we all striving to be overpaid? Apparently I'm living the American dream without even trying!" Comedian Will Ferrell laughs off his reputation as Hollywood's Most Overpaid Star after topping the Forbes magazine poll for the second consecutive year. The actor's slew of box office bombs earned a paltry $3.35 (£2.23) for every $1 (£0.67) the star pocketed.

16th November 2010

Fact: Funnyman Will Ferrell has teamed up with convenience store chain 7-Eleven to design a line of festive custom coffee cups. The mugs will raise money for the company's Cup With a Cause campaign and proceeds will go to Ferrell's charity of choice - Cancer for College, which provides academic scholarships to cancer survivors.

2nd November 2010

Fact: Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and Will Ferrell teamed up for a touching rendition of John Lennon's IMAGINE on U.S. late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (01Nov10).

5th August 2010

Quote: Anchorman is like my GODFATHER. I guess I would name Will my Robert De Niro." Eva Mendes idolises her THE OTHER GUYS co-star, funnyman Will Ferrell.

3rd August 2010

Quote: "I feel like I'm constantly the 'other guy'. I'm always bumped off flights, I'm always pushed aside..." Comedian Will Ferrell jokes about being overlooked after starring as a bumbling cop in new movie THE OTHER GUYS.

15th November 2009

Fact: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Sean Combs were among the celebrities ringside at Saturday night's (14Nov09) welterweight clash between MANNY PACQUAIO and MIGUEL COTTO in Las Vegas. The fight was stopped in the 11th round and Pacquaio declared the winner.

13th November 2009

Fact: Baseball ace DEREK JETER has landed a cameo appearance in new comedy THE OTHER GUYS. The New York Yankees star dons a scraggly, long-haired wig for his role alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

10th November 2009

Quote: "I've never had so much fun on a set." Eva Mendes had a blast working with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, SAMUEL L. JACKSON and Dwayne Johnson on their forthcoming action comedy THE OTHER GUYS.

23rd July 2009

Fact: Hollywood stars including Will Ferrell, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron turned out to watch British soccer team Chelsea FC play Italian giants Inter Milan in Pasadena, California on Tuesday (21Jul09). Ferrell donned a Chelsea shirt to pose for pictures with captain John Terry, while Theron grabbed the mic to rally the crowd in the team's favour.

10th July 2009

Fact: Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder is to star in a new U.S. TV sitcom, co-written by Will Ferrell. In the untitled show, the actor will play an unemployed city computer geek who moves back to his small hometown to live with his parents.

3rd June 2009

Fact: Mc Hammer put funnyman Will Ferrell through his paces on U.S. TV on Wednesday morning (03Jun09) when he taught the comedian how to perform the famous dance from his hit song U CAN'T TOUCH THIS. Ferrell donned a pair of shiny gold pants to take lessons from Hammer, real name Stanley Burrell, during his stint as guest presenter on breakfast show Live with Regis & Kelly.

3rd June 2009

Quote: "We should call Martin Scorsese and do something really deep and heavy." Eddie Murphy hopes to get serious with fellow funnyman Will Ferrell.

1st June 2009

Fact: Will Ferrell and Star Trek director J.J. ABRAMS joined host Andy Samberg at the MTV Movie Awards for a comedy song poking fun at cool movie stars who walk away from explosions in films. Samberg dressed at Bruce Springsteen for the skit song, which namechecked Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, while Ferrell appeared as Neil Diamond in a sparkly red jumpsuit and Abrams played keyboards for the odd trio.

23rd May 2009

Fact: Thursday night's (21May09) basketball showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets was an all-star affair - Denzel Washington, Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Ferrell and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted among the celebrity visitors to Staples Center, while Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise treated their sons to courtside tickets.

3rd April 2009

Quote: Funnyman Will Ferrell is set to become an action man - adventurer Bear Grylls is taking the actor under his wing for a new TV show. The pair is filming a one-off show for Grylls' British series BORN SURVIVOR.

19th March 2009

Quote: "I always feel I'm one stop away from being a caterer. All it takes is a year away from work." American actor Adam Scott is struggling to accept his success despite roles in feature films including The Aviator, Monster-In-Law and Will Ferrell's 2008 comedy STEP BROTHERS.

6th March 2009

Fact: The Who star Roger Daltrey joined the ranks of writer Salman Rushdie and funnyman Will Ferrell after he was honoured with the James Joyce Award from University College Dublin's Literary and Historical Society on Wednesday (04Mar09).

3rd February 2009

Fact: Funnyman Will Ferrell is joined on stage in his new Broadway play YOU'RE WELCOME, AMERICA: A FINAL NIGHT WITH GEORGE W. Bush, by his brother, PATRICK, who plays a secret service agent in the show. The pair have also shared screen time in the actor's films Anchorman: WAKE-UP RON BURGUNDY, ELF and A Night at the Roxbury.

24th October 2008

Fact: Comedian Will Ferrell reprised his famed impression of U.S. President GEORGE W. Bush on Thursday (23Oct08) in an "impromptu" evening address to the nation on hit comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live alongside Tina Fey as Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Darrell Hammond as her running-mate, John McCain.

9th October 2008

Quote: "Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. And Johnny Depp as the lead singer. If you look up sexy in the dictionary, it's just him." PUSSYCAT DOLL NICOLE SCHERZINGER nominates members for a male version of the raunchy band.

3rd September 2008

Quote: "We're gonna do the third Anchorman movie as porn and it's gonna be the climax of the trilogy. No one's gonna be W**kerman but me!" Will Ferrell wants star in an adult version of his comedy hit.

3rd September 2008

Quote: "In STEP BROTHERS, I lick a dog turd, fight a bunch of schoolchildren and wipe my ass with a bath mat. Isn't that enough for you?" Will Ferrell insists he will do anything to win an Academy Award.

3rd September 2008

Quote: "In STEP BROTHERS, I lick a dog turd, fight a bunch of schoolchildren and wipe my ass with a bath mat. Isn't that enough for you?" Will Ferrell insists he will do anything to win an Academy Award.

12th August 2008

Quote: "The Irish are pretty funny people, if not in their conversations and actions, then definitely in their appearance." Funnyman Will Ferrell enjoyed a recent trip to Ireland.

26th July 2008

Quote: "WILL is not one of these flaky crazy comedian guys that has the happy-go-lucky personality in movies and then, behind the scenes, he's a dark, opium addict. He's actually a good guy." JOHN C. REILLY on STEP BROTHERS co-star Will Ferrell.

26th July 2008

Quote: "WILL is not one of these flaky crazy comedian guys that has the happy-go-lucky personality in movies and then, behind the scenes, he's a dark, opium addict. He's actually a good guy." JOHN C. REILLY on STEP BROTHERS co-star Will Ferrell.

23rd July 2008

Quote: "When I ran in the Boston Marathon, I actually had people running up next to me with beer bongs and offering me shots - all of this crazy stuff. And no, I didn't take any of it." Funnyman Will Ferrell on his most bizarre experience with a male fan.

23rd July 2008

Fact: STEP BROTHERS co-stars Will Ferrell and JOHN C. REILLY performed a karaoke version of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' hit ISLANDS IN THE STREAM during an appearance on MTV show TRL on Tuesday (22Jul08).

9th July 2008

Fact: Actress Parker Posey served as 'best man' at pal Chris Kattan's wedding to SUNSHINE TUTT last month (Jun08), while guests at the Yosemite Valley nuptials in California included Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Shields.

7th March 2008

Quote: "It's probably because I punched this eight-year-old kid in the face at the airport one day, and he wanted an autograph." Will Ferrell jokes about topping the list of Autograph magazine's worst celebrity signers.

5th March 2008

Fact: Funnyman Will Ferrell's father once played saxophone and keyboards for THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS.

2nd March 2008

Quote: "I'd love to do a deep-sea diving movie. In space." Comedian Will Ferrell plans his next film project.

28th February 2008

Quote: "He turned up, but he didn't have anything to wear - so I said, 'Why don't you play in your underwear.' As an act of solidarity I played in my underwear as well. So the first time I met Woody Harrelson, we're guarding each other in our underwear." Will Ferrell on his first meeting with SEMI-PRO co-star WOODY HARRELSON.

28th February 2008

Fact: Comedian Will Ferrell has signed on to promote classic men's fragrance Old Spice in a series of new TV ads. The ELF star will hit the screen as his mock-basketball ace character JACKIE MOON from new movie SEMI-PRO.

27th February 2008

Quote: "No bears were hurt in the making of this movie. But the bear trainer is getting knocked around really hard." Funnyman Will Ferrell insists his fight with a bear in new movie SEMI-PRO is not real.

21st February 2008

Quote: "I hate the Olympics. They should open them up to all ages. I would love to see events like power lifting, javelin throw and shot put done by small children." Will Ferrell has some ideas to improve the sports event.

15th February 2008

Quote: " I am? Really? I love it! I'm going to print up t-shirts saying that!" Funnyman Will Ferrell on hearing that he now earns more per movie than TOM CRUISE.

14th February 2008

Quote: "Heidi kept trying to get me in my underwear... It put me in the unimaginable position of turning Heidi Klum down when she asked me to take my pants off." Will Ferrell on his decision not to strip for his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue photospread with the world's top model.

5th February 2008

Fact: British actress Anna Friel will play Will Ferrell's love interest in a big-screen remake of 1970s children's TV series LAND OF THE LOST. Ferrell will play a paleontologist who goes back in time and finds himself in a strange prehistoric world.

24th January 2008

Fact: American comedian Will Ferrell was presented with the James Joyce Award from the University College Dublin's Literary and Historical Society in Ireland on Wednesday (23Jan08).

15th January 2008

Quote: "The biggest surprise was that Will Ferrell was such a good kisser... He just was." ENCHANTED star Amy Adams on kissing the funnyman in comedy movie TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

15th January 2008

Quote: "The biggest surprise was that Will Ferrell was such a good kisser... He just was." ENCHANTED star Amy Adams on kissing the funnyman in comedy movie TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

15th January 2008

Quote: "The biggest surprise was that Will Ferrell was such a good kisser... He just was." ENCHANTED star Amy Adams on kissing the funnyman in comedy movie TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

15th January 2008

Quote: "The biggest surprise was that Will Ferrell was such a good kisser... He just was." ENCHANTED star Amy Adams on kissing the funnyman in comedy movie TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

19th September 2007

Fact: JOSH GORDON and WILL SPECK, the directors who scored gold with Will Ferrell ice-skating comedy BLADES OF GLORY, have signed on to make a new film about a woman who artificially inseminates herself using a turkey baster and sperm from a married pal.

13th April 2007

Fact: Blades of Glory star Will Ferrell is set to compete in a University of Southern California swim-a-thon to raise cash for the Physically Challenged Athetes Scholarship Fund next Saturday (21APR07). Ferrell will swim alongside the university's football coach Pete Carroll in the "Pete vs. Will Challenge."

29th March 2007

Fact: Pop star/actress Hilary Duff got her skates on while co-hosting MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE yesterday (28MAR07) when the New York studio was turned into an ice rink in honour of guests Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, the stars of movie comedy BLADES OF GLORY.

23rd March 2007

Quote: "Get to know their name and remember you have to feed them every now and then. That's about it." American comedian Will Ferrell offers up parenting advice to his BLADES OF GLORY co-star Jon Heder.

22nd March 2007

Quote: "My look was modelled on the love child of Farrah Fawcett and Steven Seagal." American comedian Will Ferrell discusses his latest role in figure-skating film BLADES OF GLORY.

27th November 2006

Quote: "I've got no dark secrets, I wasn't beaten up, my parents were kind to me, and there was a low crime rate where we lived." Will Ferrell on his drama-free life.

9th November 2006

Quote: "Baby number two...which means the wiener still works. The magic wand. Abracadabra - you're pregnant!" Comedian Will Ferrell jokes about the conception of his second child.

8th November 2006

Quote: "I just want to say right now I didn't cause the divorce. I blame DAVE (LETTERMAN). I do. He reels you in that way. Everything seemed fine. She seemed to be in great spirits and then we heard the shattering news... I couldn't get out of bed." Comedian Will Ferrell commenting on his appearance on LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN with Britney Spears the night before she announced she was divorcing Kevin Federline (06NOV06).

16th October 2006

Quote: "I'm actually in those shots, but you can't see me because I'm three miles behind them." Comedian and avid cyclist Will Ferrell on why there aren't shirtless photos of him biking with Lance Armstrong and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY.

13th October 2006

Quote: "When I was a teenager, I was driven to watch the most turgid, existentialist things, German expressionist films and stuff. It took me a long time to appreciate Will Ferrell movies." Musician Sean Lennon had to learn how to enjoy low-brow humour.

18th September 2006

Quote: “My daddy told me give the people what they want.” Hollywood comedian Will Ferrell explains why he is happy to strip off onscreen.

18th September 2006

Quote: "I love to play dumb people who are extremely confident." Actor Will Ferrell explains what movie roles he looks out for.

23rd August 2006

Quote: "I'm not the father. My schedule was too busy. Chuck Norris is the dad - we're so excited about that." Will Ferrell jokes about his wife's current pregnancy.

7th August 2006

Quote: "I do agree that (the) Amish cause most of the wars in the world today. I hate the Amish severely." Funnyman Will Ferrell pokes fun at Mel Gibson after the movie mogul upset Jewish community groups with an anti-Semitic rant during a drink driving arrest last month (28JUL06).

7th August 2006

Quote: "My stylist has two glass eyes but I like to employ people like that." Funnyman Will Ferrell on why he chose to wear a reed suit, red shirt and red tie for his appearance on US late night show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE on Friday (04AUG06).

14th July 2006

Quote: "I am sure I must have, but not from a car. From a pizza." Will Ferrell when asked during a car racing fundraiser if he got grease under his fingernails while filming the car-racing flick TALLADEGA NIGHTS.

12th July 2006

Quote: "We've had a few meetings in Elko, Nevada. We talk about our upcoming projects, discuss initiating new members and spend a lot of time hazing one another." Actor Luke Wilson jokes about the Hollywood 'Frat Pack' which features himself, brother Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Jack Black and VINCE VAUGHN.

6th July 2006

Quote: "My goal was to beat Britney Spears' time and I heard that she had done 126 miles an hour. I did 135, so I'm sorry Britney, I just had to beat you." Funnyman Will Ferrell insisted on racing past Britney Spears' NASCAR stint when he took a car out for a spin.

4th January 2006

Fact: <p>University Of Texas alum Matthew Mcconaughey and former University Of Southern California student Will Ferrell will fight it out during a US TV ad which will air before the two American football teams meet in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California later today (04JAN05). </p>

23rd December 2005

Quote: <p>"You know that old hide-a-key? The rock? That's what I'm looking for. Is that still around?" Will Ferrell doesn't want much for Christmas. </p>

3rd October 2005

Fact: <p>THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN star Steve Carell auditioned for a role on hit US comedy show Saturday Night Live 10 years ago, but lost out to funnyman Will Ferrell. </p>

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