Will Ferrell has a crush on Dame Maggie Smith.

The 'Anchorman 2' star has admitted is a huge fan of the 80-year-old actress and while he in fact rates Helen Mirren as the most ''beloved'' actor of our time, the 47-year-old comedian insists he would love to be betrothed to Maggie.

When told Helen admitted she had the ''biggest crush'' on Will, he said: ''You know it. You know it, baby. You know what, I'm so flattered by that. I mean, she is our most beloved actress? Actor, period.

''I'm already betrothed to Maggie Smith. I'm more of a Maggie Smith fan.''

But Will confirmed he will not be appearing in comedy movie 'Zoolander 2', joking he declined a part in the film because his pet cockatoo Professor Feathers was not given a cameo role.

While being booed on talk show 'Conan' - on which he spent the duration of the interview with the bird on his shoulder - for saying he won't be in the motion picture, he said: ''You won't boo after you hear the reason. They wouldn't let me bring Professor Feathers.

''He'll claw your eyes out. I've seen it happen multiple times.''

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