The Lego Movie went down so well with the critics and fans alike, Warner Bros. have set a release date for its sequel while the first one is still in cinemas. May 26, 2017 is the magic day the studio confirmed on Friday.

Lego MovieThe Lego movie has been a smash hit

Will Ferrell, Will Arnett and Elizabeth Banks all enjoyed voice roles in The Lego Movie, which opened with nearly $70m at the domestic box office. It then went on to gross more than $200m in the global market in what was a remarkable success story. It didn’t just stun on a fiscal level, though. The critics were equally impressed, lauding the film’s original style and refreshing dynamic. It soon accumulated a very respectable 96% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

“The film is never hampered by its chosen medium. It goes everywhere and does everything, from pitched aerial battles to cities at bay against inferno,” wrote Nigel Andrews of The Financial Times. “The visuals are spectacular, the 3D technology is artfully used and the story is jam-packed with so many funny lines, it's hard to catch all the jokes that are delivered in rapid-fire succession -- constantly tweaking many popular culture icons,” wrote Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun Times.

Screenwriters Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan are helming the writing side of the sequel, and won’t have the same low expectations enjoyed by those who worked on the first film, now that it has proved to be so popular and lucrative for Warner Bros. Released Feb 7, The Lego Movie ispoised for a successful third straight weekend at the US box office, where it has grossed $151 million in its first two weeks.