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Will Ferrell's 'The House' Performs Poorly At Box Office On Opening Weekend

Will Ferrell

He’s been one of the most consistently successful comedy actors of the last two decades, but Will Ferrell’s reputation has taken a bit of a hit this week with the news that his latest movie, The House, has enjoyed the lowest opening weekend takings for any of his major films in 18 years.

Distributed by Warner Bros. and opening on a wide basis in 3,134 locations in the U.S., the new comedy looks like it will only take around $9 million at the American box office. If projections are correct, that will be the worst performance for any of his films that have seen a first-week release in over 3,000 locations – and, against a reported $40 million budget, that’s a significant underachievement.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell at the premiere of 'The House'

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The House Trailer

It is every parent's dream come true when their child gets into college - especially when it's the one they've been hoping for. Scott and Kate Johansen are therefore thrilled when their daughter Alex gets into Buckley College. They only problem is, there is no way they can afford the school fees after spending the entire fund. Instead of telling Alex the truth and breaking her heart, they decide that they're going to get the money together no matter what they have to do. A solution arrives in the form of Frank, who introduces them to the world of illegal underground casinos and they decide to band together with their neighbours to make up the thousands of dollars worth of tuition by building the casino in the basement. They make terrible criminals and they run the risk of going to jail for a long time, but how far are they willing to go for the sake of their child's future?

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Johnny Depp Named Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor For Second Year In A Row

Johnny Depp Will Smith Channing Tatum Will Ferrell George Clooney Julia Roberts

Capping off a rather horrid 2016 for Johnny Depp is the news that he’s been judged by Forbes to be Hollywood’s most overpaid actor for the second year in a row, following a handful of big-budget disappointments at the box office this year.

The 53 year old megastar topped Forbes’ annual list of actors whose movies have underperformed at cinemas compared to their budgets, after his much vaunted sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass flopped at the box office in comparison to its predecessor.

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp is the 'most overpaid' actor in Hollywood for the second year in a row

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Kanye West 'Trading Ideas' With Will Ferrell About Biopic

Kanye West Will Ferrell

Kanye West has reportedly been in talks with Will Ferrell to make his life story into a movie.

The rapper, who has in the past expressed his admiration for Ferrell, is said to want to make a comedy biopic and ‘not take himself too seriously’.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell could be helping Kanye make his life story into a movie

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The Boss Review


Melissa McCarthy brings another of her improvisational alter-egos to the big screen with this energetic comedy. The first cause for pause comes because this is a reteaming with her filmmaker husband Ben Falcone, with whom she made the bizarrely unfunny Tammy, as opposed to the filmmaker Paul Feig who directed her to box office triumph with Spy and The Heat and an Oscar nomination in Bridesmaids. Yes, there's a significance difference.

This time she plays hugely popular financial guru Michelle Darnell, whose stardom ends abruptly when she is sent to prison for four months for insider trading. When she's released, everyone she stepped on as she rose to the top turns their back on her, and her nemesis/ex Renault (Peter Dinklage) is still determined to get revenge. The only person who will talk to her is former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), so Michelle moves in with her family. Unable to restart her business, she also takes over the Dandelion Scout troup of Claire's daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), pushing the girls to take aggressive measures to sell their cookies.

As always, McCarthy throws herself into the role, creating a vivid character who indulges in a lot of outrageously silly slapstick. As with Tammy, the humour centres more on abusive interaction and humiliation than actual wit. McCarthy and Falcone strain to get laughs from physical wackiness rather than anything based on the character, so the movie only ever feels mildly amusing thanks to its high energy. But there's nothing engaging about Michelle, and it's only in a few cute-warm scenes with the terrific Bell that the film springs to anything resembling life. Thankfully, her scenes with the likeable Tyler Labine (as a potential boyfriend) have a loose humour to them. And Dinklage is surprisingly amusing as the sputtering cartoonish villain, while Kathy Bates generates a few sparks as Michelle's sassy mentor.

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Will Ferrell Will Not Be Playing Ronald Reagan In Controversial Comedy

Will Ferrell Ronald Reagan

Earlier this week it was reported that Will Ferrell would be portraying former US president Ronald Reagan on the big screen in a ‘comedy’ which would focus on politician's struggle with Alzheimer’s, during his final days. However a spokesperson has now confirmed Ferrell will not be starring in the film after all and he never intended to.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell will not be playing Ronald Reagan after all.

A spokesperson for Ferrell told Deadline: “The Reagan script is one of a number of scripts that had been submitted to Will Ferrell which he had considered. While it is by no means an ‘Alzheimer’s comedy,’ as has been suggested, Mr. Ferrell is not pursuing this project.”

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Ronald Reagan's Children Slam Will Ferrell's Intention To Portray President With Dementia

Ronald Reagan Will Ferrell

One would think that, in this day and age, we'd have learned that there are some things not worth making a joke about. The children of former US President Ronald Reagan have lashed out at recent reports that Will Ferrell is set to portray their father in a comedy about the politician's struggle with Alzheimer's.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell shamed for his upcoming comedy

Patti Davis wrote an open letter to Ferrell on her website yesterday (April 28th 2016) branding the actor 'ignorant' for his intentions to turn her father's turmoil into a comedic movie called 'Reagan' in which he stars and is producing with writer Mike Rosolio. She also explained more fully about how the ordeal affected her and her family.

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Kanye West Proclaims Will Ferrell Is A 'God', As Kim Kardashian Defends Twitter Rants

Kanye West Will Ferrell Kim Kardashian

In his latest round of inspired tweeting, Kanye West has announced that actor Will Ferrell has reached ‘walking living breathing god status’. The rapper’s praise for Ferrell came after he watched comedy sequel Zoolander 2 for the second time, in which Ferrell reprises his role as villain Jacobim Mugatu.

Kanye WestKanye West thinks Will Ferrell has reached ‘’god status’.

"Will Ferrell has reached walking living breathing god status," Kanye tweeted. "His existence is a blessing. Perhaps it was seeing him play the same character from 15 years ago with 15 more years experience. That showed how sharp and Bruce Lee status he is.”

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Zoolander 2 Review


With virtually the same blend of wit and idiocy as the 2001 original, this fashion-scene comedy is funny enough to spark some solid laughter in between the gags that fall flat. The punchlines are simple and the characters paper thin, but this world is so ripe for parody that the rather awkward mix of in-jokes and satire can't help but hit the bullseye every now and then.

Things haven't been great for top supermodel Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) over the past 15 years. His reading school collapsed in tragedy, sending him to live as a "hermit crab" in the wilds of northern New Jersey. And with a facial injury, his cohort Hansel (Owen Wilson) has retired in the wasteland of Malibu. Then Italian designer Atoz (Kristen Wiig) summons them to Rome, just as Interpol agent Valentina (Penelope Cruz) is investigating a series of popstar murders that seem linked to Derek's past. Teaming up with Valentina, Derek and Hansel track down their old nemesis Mugatu (Will Ferrell), reconnect with Derek's long-lost son (Cyrus Arnold) and discover a sinister conspiracy.

Stiller directs the film as if it's the next instalment in the Da Vinci Code saga, complete with shadowy secret rituals and ominous chase sequences. But the dialogue remains utterly ludicrous, as this "ridiculously good-looking" duo go through their individual existential crises, clueless that the world has moved on without them. Stiller and Wilson reprise the hang-dog charm that made the characters so likeable the first time round. Although this time Derek gets some emotional depth, while Hansel plays the action hero. Ferrell and Wiig camp it up to the rafters in their colourful roles, while Cruz vamps through the film in bombshell love-interest mode. Her deadpan performance might actually be the funniest thing in the movie. And each scene is packed with big-star cameos, some of which are genuinely amusing.

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Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Strike A Pose At 'Zoolander No 2' Premiere

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Will Ferrell Penelope Cruz

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson brought fun, fashion and laughs to London last night, for the premiere of Zoolander No.2 in the capital’s Leicester Square. They were joined by co-stars Christine Taylor, Penelope Cruz and Will Ferrell, who all walked the special ‘blue carpet’ in honour of Derek Zoolander’s infamous ‘blue steel’ pose.

Ben Stiller and Owen WilsonBen Stiller and Owen Wilson at the Zoolander No. 2 premiere.

But before the screening got underway, Ben Stiller managed to break a world record for the longest selfie stick, after taking a huge selfie on the blue carpet. Stiller’s special stick measured a massive 28 feet.

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Mark Wahlberg Talks Teaming With Will Ferrell Again For 'Daddy's Home'

Mark Wahlberg Will Ferrell

In comedy Daddy’s Home Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are reunited, five years after they first paired up for action-comedy The Other Guys. In the film Wahlberg plays Dusty, a father competing for the affections of his children with their stepfather Brad (Ferrell). But although the pair are on-screen rivals Wahlberg couldn't be happier to work with Ferrell again.

Mark WahlbergMark Wahlberg stars in Daddy’s Home opposite Will Ferrell.

Speaking about landing the role Wahlberg said, “They called and said ‘Hey, would you like to work with Will again?’ And we absolutely had a blast together and I just thought it was a really funny part and a very different dynamic.”

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Will Ferrell Talks About Step-Parents, Mark Wahlberg And Basketball In 'Daddy's Home' Interview

Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg Paul Scheer

Comedy legend Will Ferrell spoke exclusively to Contactmusic about his new movie Daddy’s Home, in which he stars alongside Mark Wahlberg. Out on December 25th in the US and the following day in the UK, it concerns a father and a stepdad who compete for the affections of their child.

“There’s so many blended families now, whether it’s a stepmom or stepdad,” Ferrell said of the movies premise. “The dynamic of that, and how it can be tricky at times, and then at other times it can turn out to be a good thing, it’s fun to examine that as a comedy.”

Will FerrellWill Ferrell stars in 'Daddy's Home', out on December 25th in the US

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Daddy's Home Review


An odd mix of sentimental family warmth and gross-out antics, this comedy doesn't have the courage of its own convictions, which means that it's not quite funny enough to keep the audience fully entertained. That said, there are just about enough laughs that hit the target, and the big-hearted humour is surprisingly endearing, with larger themes that resonate even when the filmmakers get bogged down in the strained rude jokes.

Will Ferrell plays Brad, a guy who can't have kids but has always wanted to be a dad. So when he marries Sarah (Linda Cardellini), he enthusiastically dives into the stepdad role with her children (Owen Vaccaro and Scarlett Estevez). Then just as they're finally warming to him, their biological father Dusty (Mark Walhberg) turns up, clearly determined to win his family back. What follows is a battle between a too-nice dork and a super-cool biker, competing for the affections of both Sarah and the kids. Brad gets some terrible advice from his boss (Thomas Haden Church), while Dusty recruits a handyman (Hannibal Buress) to back his side.

There's plenty of potential in this premise, but the filmmakers refuse to make the decision about who the film is aimed at. It's too vulgar to be family entertainment, but it's not edgy enough to properly appeal to adults. So it sits there genially, occasionally sparking a burst of laughter or a knowing smile. But the plot never makes any sense, mainly because to make it work the filmmakers portray Brad as a complete and utter loser until the moment the movie needs him to be the good guy. All of which is painfully predictable, complete with shamelessly sappy moralising. Thankfully, the cast can play these kinds of characters effortlessly, and both Ferrell and Walhberg add details that keep the audience engaged.

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Johnny Depp Tops List Of Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actors For 2015

Johnny Depp Denzel Washington Will Ferrell Liam Neeson Will Smith Adam Sandler

Johnny Depp has received the unfortunate honour of topping Forbes' annual list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors. Last year Depp was ranked number two on the list, but thanks to recent films Mortdecai and Transcendence he’s managed to dethrone Adam Sandler who has previously topped the list two years in a row.

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp has been crowned Hollywood’s most overpaid actor.

According to Forbes, Depp’s Mortdecai grossed just $47 million at the box office, on a $60 million budget. While Transcendence barely made back its $100 million production costs, meaning Depp returned a mere $1.20 for every $1 he was paid.

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Watch Will Ferrell Make His Return To 'Saturday Night Live' As George W. Bush

Will Ferrell George W Bush Donald Trump Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell made his return to ‘Saturday Night Live’ yesterday evening (December 12th) as former US president George W. Bush. Bush made an appearance to give his thoughts on the current crop of Republican presidential candidates, concluding that what we really need is for him to come back for a third term.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell has returned to ‘SNL’, as George W. Bush.

“This is an important day, I’ve made a big decision, I’m entering the race for President of the United States of America,” Ferrell as Bush began. “The field of Republicans out there is so messed up, I figured it makes you miss me”.

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'Daddy's Home' Star Will Ferrell Wants More Recognition For Comedy Films

Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg Linda Cardellini

Actor Will Ferrell has said he believes comedy films deserve more recognition from award shows. Speaking at the UK premiere of his new film Daddy’s Home, Ferrell praised The Golden Globes for leading the way, but said that there’s still more to be done.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell at the UK premiere of Daddy’s Home.

"I think comedians are used to not being recognised for the most part, but I appreciate the Golden Globes has a comedy category, It feels like award shows should expand their critiquing and realise that doing comedy is difficult.”

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'Zoolander 2' Breaks Record For Most Watched Comedy Trailer

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Penelope Cruz Will Ferrell Justin Bieber Benedict Cumberbatch

Zoolander 2 is still months away from hitting cinemas, but it’s already broken a record thanks to its trailer. The comedy, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, is released on February 2nd, but fans have been viewing its trailer so much that its made the record books.

Zoolander 2Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz in Zoolander 2.

According to studio Paramount, the Zoolander 2 trailer is now “the most successful comedy trailer launch of all time”, having been viewed over 52.2 million times. The two-and-a-half minute clip was released on November 18th and even including a glimpse of Justin Bieber, who will cameo in the film.

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Zoolander 2 - Trailer Trailer

Derek, Hansel and some other familiar faces are back in Zoolander 2! After offering their services to 'The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too' Derek and Hansel find themselves pining for a time when they were the biggest names in fashion. Only a few years might've past but the fashion industry is a very different place and one that's left them FAR behind.

When an Interpol agent finds a unique pattern to a series of deaths - some of the world's most beautiful people - she knows that Derek Zoolander is the only one who can help catch the killer. Pop stars including Demi Lovato and Lenny Kravitz have all been found dead with a certain look alluding to Blue Steel on their face.

Zoolander 2 is the follow up to the 2001 film and it once again sees Stiller team up with Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. The film was written by Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux and will be released in cinemas from February 2016.

Will Ferrell Honoured With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Will Ferrell John C Reilly Molly Shannon Kevin Hart

On the eve of the release of his latest movie Get Hard, Will Ferrell has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The unveiling ceremony took place on Tuesday on Hollywood Boulevard, and was attended by fellow comics John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon.

Reilly, who was Ferrell’s co-star in Step Brothers and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, led the speeches in front of the Hollywood Wax Museum, saying “maybe someday, in 50 years, people will look down on the sidewalk and say the things that we say today about some of these people: 'Who the f--- is this guy?’”

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Will Ferrell Defends 'Get Hard' Against Accusations Of Racism And Homophobia

Will Ferrell Kevin Hart

On the eve of the release of his latest comedy Get Hard, actor Will Ferrell has been defending the movie against accusations of racism and homophobia, arguing that the controversial jokes are intended to lampoon America’s elite.

Get Hard’s plot concerns a wealthy businessman, played by Ferrell, who hires a black employee (Kevin Hart) in order to help him mentally prepare for a prison stretch. Many critics have pulled it up as being offensive in its themes, and have used some of the film’s jokes as illustration of that.

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell shooting 'Get Hard' back in July 2014

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'Elf' Musical Heading To London's West End In Winter 2015

Will Ferrell

A stage musical based on Will Ferrell's 2003 Christmas comedy movie Elf will debut in London's West End in winter 2015. The show that was previously staged in Plymouth and Dublin in 2014 features songs by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin and direction and choreography by Morgan Young.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell starred in the best loved Christmas comedy movie Elf

Directed by Jon Favreau, the comedy movie remains one of the best loved Christmas films of all time. It starred Ferrell as Buddy, an orphan raised as an elf in the North Pole after sneaking into Santa's sack one Christmas. Buddy heads to New York to find his father (James Caan) and ends up falling in love with an employee (Zooey Deschanel) working at Santa's grotto in a department store. It grossed over $220 million at the box-office. 

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Jimmy Fallon's Lip-Sync Battle Becomes Super Bowl XLIX Comedy Highlight

Jimmy Fallon Super Bowl Drew Barrymore Will Ferrell Kevin Hart Sam Smith Meghan Trainor Blake Shelton The Roots Ariana Grande Christina Aguilera

The Super Bowl XLIX was all anyone could talk about over the weekend - and it wasn't just about the epic win of the New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks. As per usual, this year provided some pretty hilarious highlights, most notably from 'The Tonight Show''s Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon at Golden Globe Awards 2014
Jimmy Fallon provided the comedy at Super Bowl XLIX

Fallon was shooting a Super Bowl special for 'The Tonight Show', filming at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix for the first time in honour of the occasion. Despite special guests Brandon LaFell, Danny Amendola and LeGarrette Blount of the Patriots making an appearance, Fallon did well to keep the attention on him with his admittedly impressive 'Super Bowl of Lip Sync Battles' skit.

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Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Join Forces Once Again With Adam McKay For 'Border Guards'

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and director Adam McKay are set to reunite for Sony's upcoming comedy 'Border Guards.'

The successful trio, who have worked together on hugely popular films such as 'Step Brothers' and 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby', will be re-teaming for the third time, Deadline reports.

John C. Reilly
John C. Reilly will reunite on screen with Will Ferrell

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It's Not Just You, Wayne Knight! Other Celebrity Death Hoaxes

Wayne Knight Paris Hilton Kel Mitchell Will Ferrell Zach Braff Britney Spears Justin Timberlake

Seinfeld fans can breathe easy after panic ensued following rumors of Wayne Knight’s death on social media site Twitter. The rumors claimed that the 58 year old had been involved in a fatal car crash, although Knight took the site himself to straighten things out, “Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but...I am alive and well!” before commenting, “Does someone have to DIE to trend? Geez! Thanks for all the love everybody. I didn’t know you cared. Glad to be breathing!”

wayne knight death rumours Wayne Knight took to Twitter to explain he isn't dead

We’re glad that Wayne was able to see the funny side of his death hoax, we guess that he is a comedian, so we'd be worried if he didn't! We wonder if these other celebs took their own death hoaxes so lightly.

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Best Shirtless Performance? Who Should Win The Less Serious MTV Movie Awards?

Chris Hemsworth James Franco Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Lawrence Barkhad Abdi Donald Sutherland Mila Kunis Leonardo Dicaprio Zac Efron Will Ferrell

The MTV Movie Award nominations have been announced and you know what? It’s so refreshing to see some different movies thrown into the mix! The MTV Movie Awards don’t take themselves quite as seriously as the Academy Awards or the BAFTAS, taking pop culture into account just as much as a good performance. The main movies that we’ve come to be acquainted with over awards season are still up for nomination, but which of these nominees do you think deserve a chance to take home one of the sillier (for lack of a better word) awards?

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth WILL Win Best Shirtless Performance

Best Kiss

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Anchorman 2: How Many New Jokes Do You Want, 763? Yeah, Okay

Will Ferrell Anchorman

If you saw Anchorman 2 on the day of release, then you’re likely to be one of those superfans who still quotes the original movie. And you’re precisely the type of audience who’ll go and see a second showing of the sequel with 763 new jokes in it.

Anchorman 2How many smoking crack jokes can you make? Probably loads

That’s right: Anchorman 2 (version 2) will be out again in cinemas for a week starting February 28 in both the U.K and U.S. It’ll feature over 700 new jokes and be 20 minutes longer. What’s not to like?

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'Saturday Night Live' Makes China Debut, Despite Censorship Triggers

Jimmy Fallon Kenan Thompson Kristen Wiig Will Ferrell

Saturday Night Live has been made available to Chinese viewers since a video streaming website, Sohu Video, began to exclusively show the popular US comedy sketch show. Ten episodes of the show's current 39th season have been made available through the site, which is a unit of the Nasdaq-listed Sohu.com Inc.

Jimmy Fallon
The Wit & Wisdom Of Jimmy Fallon Will Be Shared With A Chinese Audience.

Soon more episodes of the weekend show will be uploaded the Monday after being aired in the United States although will not have subtitles at first. A version with Chinese subtitles and explanations of the cultural references made during the show will be made available the following Saturday, according to the AP.

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You Can't Budge Smaug - 'The Hobbit' Fights Off 'Anchorman 2' Competition

Martin Freeman Will Ferrell

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has continued its journey at the top of the box office, decimating the competition with its solid franchise state, huge CGI set pieces and epic proportions. It even managed to stop Ron Burgundy in his tracks.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugIt's all smiles for Martin Freeman in Desolation of Smaug

Peter Jackson's Hobbit sequel took in $31.5 million in its second weekend of release for Warner Bros., adding to the $73.6m the fantasy goliath took on its opening weekend. It's now made more than $400 worldwide, including $96 million internationally over the weekend.

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The New 'LEGO Movie' Trailer Could Be The Funniest Animation Ever Built [Trailer & Pictures]

Chris Pratt Will Ferrell Will Arnett Alison Brie Liam Neeson Nick Offerman Morgan Freeman Elizabeth Banks

Just the idea of a LEGO movie is enough to make minds explode with excitement, so if your brain is still currently on the inside of your skull then it's time for some serious movie-stalking because The LEGO Movie is more real that you can even begin to comprehend.

Lego The Movie - Temple GatheringLego The Movie - Temple Gathering

The film will leave no stone unturned in the Lego Universe and will feature a host of special guests from Batman to the Little Mermaid and from ninjas to those random LEGO spacemen that every collection seems to have. What did we say about head-explodingly-good?

Continue reading: The New 'LEGO Movie' Trailer Could Be The Funniest Animation Ever Built [Trailer & Pictures]

Lego - Teaser Trailer

Emmet is just a regular little Lego guy with an average and uneventful life. However, that's all about to change when wizened mystic Vitruvius mistakes him for the amazing Master Builder and enlists him on a mission to save the plastic building block world from being glued together by an evil adversary. He has no choice but to accompany Vitruvius, Batman and an attractive by feisty female mini-figure as they track their nemesis down before havoc can be wreaked upon the world, despite being dangerously unprepared and certainly unskilled in anything surrounding life and death matters. Will Emmett surprise himself and live up to the overwhelming expectation? Or is Legoland doomed to be enveloped in adhesive?

Based on the popular toy that has absorbed both children and adults for 64 years, 'Lego' is hilarious animated movie directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller ('21 Jump Street', 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'), and Chris McKay ('Robot Chicken'). Lord and Miller also co-wrote the screenplay alongside brothers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman ('Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu', 'Hotel Transylvania'). With a star-studded ensemble cast playing a variety of well-known Lego mini-figures, the film is definitely set to be a hit all round when it comes to screen on February 14th 2014.

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BREAKING! The Legend Returns: Full Anchorman 2 Trailer FINALLY Released As Filming Wraps Up [Trailer]

Will Ferrell Christina Applegate Steve Carell Kristen Wiig Paul Rudd David Koechner

After teaser videos have circulated for weeks, a full Anchorman 2: The Legend Returns trailer has finally been released, signalling the world is about to go crazy for the 'big deal' that is Ron Burgundy all over again. Planned for a late 2013 release, the film has been in the pipeline for quite some time - after first announcements in 2011 - making sure fan excitement reaches maximum levels of rabid hysteria before the film is finally released this Christmas.

Still classy in San Diego, the film will catch up with the legendary sleazeball and moustachioed news anchor, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), and feature much of the same cast, including Steve Carell as Brick Tamland, Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana, David Koechner as Champ Kind and Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone. Only this movie sees the crew years on from where the first Anchorman left off, living life in the eighties and faced with the prospect of a rolling 24 hour news channel.

Now the team have more competition in the form of a handsome, well-dressed rival anchor to deal with and plenty more cringeworthy sticky situations for Burgundy.

Continue reading: BREAKING! The Legend Returns: Full Anchorman 2 Trailer FINALLY Released As Filming Wraps Up [Trailer]

Anchorman 2 Trailer

Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kind have now hit the eighties and things are a little different. The legendary San Diego news anchors are now embarking on a different project, as part of a 24 hour news channel, but now they have fresh competition in the form of a young, handsome and well-dressed fellow anchor. Ron continues to put himself in sticky situations, this time involving some awkward racism with his new girlfriend's family during a social occasion among many other things. Will their antics extend beyond their previous capers involving angry bears and mean bikers?  Or will the eighties bring with it a more streetwise news bunch? We doubt the latter.

The sequel to 2004's 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' is set to hit our screens soon entitled 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues'. We'll likely be seeing yet more hijinks from one of Hollywood's favourite comedy casts as they return following at massive $85 million gross from the original movie. Produced again by Judd Apatow ('The 40 Year Old Virgin', 'Knocked Up', 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'), Adam McKay ('Step Brothers', 'The Other Guys', 'Talladega Nights') also makes a return as director and co-writer alongside Will Ferrell. It is scheduled for release in the UK on December 20th 2013.

Forget 'The Hangover', Zach Galifianakis Top 5 (Other) Roles

Zach Galifianakis Tim Heidecker Eric Wareheim Ted Danson Steve Carell Paul Rudd Robert Downey Jr Will Ferrell

Zach Galifianakis may well be back for another stab at The Hangover franchise, with the rest of the goofy gang who constantly managed to find ways to get more boozed up than anyone thought possibly imaginable, but he's got plenty more to his canon than that too, you know? The actor has been in the game since the 90's, and already had ammassed a large selection credits before the first Hangover film came about in 2009. 'Sure, anyone can tot up how many small speaking roles he's had listed on IMDB' I hear you cry; well, let us show you that there is a little more to Zach Galifianakis than roles where he simply has to drink hard and be a little bit weird. 

Zach Galifianakis
Zach Galifianakis is back in The Hangover ... but else has he been in?

1. Tim And Eric Awesome Show 

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Anchorman 2 Trailer

Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kind return in this hilarious sequel to 2004's 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' which saw Ron land himself a hot girlfriend, get attacked by a bear and have his dog thrown over a bridge by an angry biker. The legendary San Diego news anchors are doubtlessly set to entertain us with more news casting exploits which, according to the latest teaser trailer, will involve 'submachine guns and boobies' and getting 'stinky'. One thing's for sure, it's going to be funnier, weirder and much ruder.

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Ron Burgundy Is Coming With Better Hair Than Ever In New Anchorman 2 Trailer

Will Ferrell Paul Rudd Vince Vaughn Christina Applegate Kanye West Kristen Wiig Amy Poehler Tina Fey Drake Harrison Ford

As the excitement builds for the Anchorman sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, another trailer for the film was released. You can check out the second trailer, featuring the beloved cast of Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Vince Vaughn and Steve Carell. But we already knew they were in it and, exciting as that prospect is, the cameos, which have been announced recently, make this movie look even better. Viewers will get appearances by actors like Kanye West, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey and Harrison Ford, New York Daily News reports.

And the cameos just keep coming. After Kanye West, busy as he is, wrapped his scenes in New York last week, there was another surprising appearance on set – namely an actor, sporting a fro and the appropriate 70s duds, who looked suspiciously like singer/rapper Drake. Apparently the "Take Care" performer will be the latest star in the constellation already appearing in this film. Not only that, but the Daily News also posted several pictures of stars Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate taken during shooting. They look fierce, they look ready to go, but most of all, they look, unsurprisingly, very 70s. And if nothing else, the stills make it obvious that Anchorman 2 will definitely feature some excellent hairdos.

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Kanye West Spotted Filming Anchorman 2 On Atlanta Rooftops

Kanye West Will Ferrell Paul Rudd Christina Applegate Nicole Kidman Harrison Ford Vince Vaughn Luke Wilson

Kanye West appears to have landed himself a cameo in the Anchorman sequel after Hollywood.com reported he was spotted filming with Christina Applegate and Paul Rudd on a downtown Atlanta rooftop. It's safe to assume Anchorman 2 was the movie being filmed, with Kanye thought to be making a very brief cameo.

The eyewitness said, "he was quite afraid of heights and required an umbrella for shade most of the time he was on the roof." The Anchorman 2 production began in Atlanta in the past few weeks filming scenes in Woodruff Park and the surrounding areas, many of which have been captured by the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Writer and producer Will Ferrell is apparently a long-time hero of Kanye's, having included his dialogue from Blades of Glory in his song N*ggas In Paris. Following his infamous Taylor Swift/MTV VMA's controversy, Kanye compared himself to Ron Burgundy in a Twitter rant. 

The sighting comes just 24 hours after Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were see beating up co-star Sacha Baron Cohen with crowbars! The rumors are that Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson have also filmed very brief performances at the Atlanta set, while Nicole Kidman will be featured in a "secret" un-credited role, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Harrison Ford will be a news anchor in the new movie.

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Aubrey Plaza Interrupts Will Ferrell's MTV Golden Popcorn Awards Moment [Video]

Will Ferrell Aubrey Plaza

We can’t help but feel this one was a set-up, but Aubrey Plaza’s interruption of Will Ferrell when he was accepting his MTV Golden Popcorn Comedic Genius Trophy certainly has got the media talking, with many likening her display to the now infamous Kanye West interruption when he prevented Taylor Swift from giving her acceptance speech for best video at the MTV Music Awards.

The incident at the Golden Popcorn awards saw Plaza, with the name of #The To Do List, her new movie, written on her chest, walk up on stage barefoot and attempt to wrest the award Ferrell had been given off him. Ferrell, unsurprisingly, wasn’t up for that and kept a firm hold of his prize. Eventually Plaza just walked off the stage and back to her seat, where she subsequently spilt her drink. "Aubrey Plaza, everyone," Ferrell said, of the awkward moment. "Just like we rehearsed it. Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. Right on the money."

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Aubrey Plaza’s Stage Invasion – Is This An MTV Movie Award Tradition?

Aubrey Plaza Will Ferrell Mtv Movie Awards

Soon, there’ll be an award for Best Award Acceptance Interruption at the Mtv Movie Awards, we’re sure of it; it's just becoming the ‘done thing’. The latest was Aubry Plaza, as she stunted Will Ferrell’s acceptance of the Comic Genius award.

Will, 45, told the crowd: “Aubrey Plaza, everyone – just like we rehearsed it. Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. Right on the money.” Afterwards, she took to Twitter and wrote: “Thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned! #mtvmovieawards #chrisbosh #thesecret.” MTV confirmed that the event was not planned, while Will joked backstage: “I think she wanted to tell me something important but there was no message – it was just a lot of hot liquor breath. And then, a little bit of sweat. Then she ran away. But the ship sailed on.” Was Kanye West's legendary interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards the inspiration?

Elsewhere at the awards, The Avengers won three, including the top prize, movie of the year. "What's the opposite of humbled? We're Biebered to be standing here," said Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon as he accepted the final golden popcorn trophy. "This is the award that means the most to me. I am so grateful and very excited for 2015; we're going to bring you Avengers 2."' Rebel Wilson stole the show, though, with her ridiculously rude gags and satirical look at pop culture.

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Was Aubrey Plaza Drunk When Crashing Will Ferrell's MTV Movie Awards Speech? [Video]

Aubrey Plaza Will Ferrell Kanye West

In a bizarre skit at the MTV Movie Awards in Culver City, California, on Sunday (April 14, 2013), Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza 'did a Kanye West' and rushed the stage in the middle of Will Ferrell's acceptance speech for his Comedic Genius Golden Popcorn awards. The 28-year-old actress jumped on-stage barefooted, with a drink in her hand and grabbed the statue. "What's happening?" Ferrell, 45, asked, "Are you okay?" he added.

Plaza didn't say a word throughout the weird exchange (she had the name of her new movie scrawled across her chest), giving up the fight and returning to her front run seat. The quick thinking Ferrell joked that things went down "just like during rehearsals." Speaking backstage, the Anchorman star told US Weekly, "I think she wanted to tell me something important, but there was no message.It was just a lot of hot liquor breath. And, then, and a little bit of sweat. And then she ran away. But the ship sailed on." Aubrey is yet to comment on the incident, though tweeted, "thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned!"

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10 Of Will Ferrell's Finest Movie Moments

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is without doubt one of America's favourite comics having been nominated for numerous awards throughout his career including an Emmy, two Golden Globes and several MTV Awards - one of which he finally won in 2007 for Best Kiss in 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby' after locking lips with 'Borat' star Sacha Baron Cohen. 

It's no surprise then that Will Ferrell is to receive the inaugural Comedic Genius Award for his comedy achievements at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards which will air in the UK on April 15th 2013; though we do think an award should be made to go to the Will Ferrell Twitter page (@WillFerreI) for his frequently hysterically funny posts. Anyway, to celebrate his well-deserved accolade, here are ten of our favourite movie roles from one of the most entertaining American comedians in Hollywood history.

Ron Burgundy ('Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy')

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Nicole Kidman Takes On Comedy Once Again With Anchorman 2 Cameo

Nicole Kidman Will Ferrell Steve Carell Paul Rudd

It’s official - Nicole Kidman has shot an uncredited cameo for the upcoming Will Ferrell flick Anchoman: The Legend Continues. Yep, you guessed it, that’s the sequel to the hilarious (imho) Anchorman. Kidman is adding her name to an already pretty impressive cast. Along with the original stars Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, Harrison Ford himself is going to make a brief appearance as well. Looks like Ron Burgundy’s crew is growing by the day. Can you imagine what that set must be like during filming? It’s no surprise Kidman would be eager to jump on this particular bandwagon.

This isn’t Kidman’s only dabble in the comedy world of late. In 2011, she shot a cameo in Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It. Apparently these kinds of lighthearted roles are simply in her blood. Hopefully you’re all excited for the Anchorman sequel and for Kidman’s appearance as well. The movie is currently still in production and the release date has been set for December 20th this year. That’ll certainly be one holiday flick to look out for.

And if you simply can’t wait that long for your next fix of Ron Burgundy, you can catch the teaser for Anchorman: The Legend Continues below.

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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Review


Made in Germany, this raucous adventure merrily refuses to follow the usual Hollywood route of blanding-down a fairy tale for the lowest common denominator (see both Snow White movies last year). It's still pretty stupid, but it's so unapologetically over-the-top that we're consistently entertained. And it helps that the filmmakers are clearly aware of how ridiculous the plot is, so they push it even further.

The film opens with a horror-style version of the Grimm Brothers' fable, then jumps years ahead as Hansel and Gretel (Renner and Arterton) achieve notoriety as bounty hunters specialising in tracking down and dispatching witches. When they arrive in a small village, they rescue innocent young Mina (Viitala) from the bloodthirsty mayor (Stormare), then vow instead to capture the area's real wicked witch Muriel (Janssen). The sheriff is sure they're con artists, so forms his own posse. Meanwhile, Hansel tentatively falls for Mina, and the duo also meet their teen super-fan Ben (Mann), who joins them as they head into the woods.

Norwegian writer-director Wirkola has created a gonzo action-horror movie out of the familiar bedtime story, complete with wildly outrageous creatures, fiery battles and almost as many explosions as a Michael Bay Transformers movie. Meanwhile, Renner and Arterton strut through medieval Europe like 21st century action heroes, wearing skin-tight leather, head-butting their foes, swearing like sailors and shooting massive guns at anything that moves. In other words, Wirkola's approach is essentially satirical, which allows him to indulge in astounding levels of grisly violence without it ever getting too nasty.

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Stay Classy San Diego: Kristen Wiig Confirmed For Anchorman 2 Role

Kristen Wiig Adam McKay Christina Applegate Will Ferrell

We're still waiting on an officially press release at the moment, but it looks as though Kristen Wiig's role in the upcoming Anchorman sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, has been all but confirmed by two people heavily involved in the movie.

Yesterday (Feb 5) director and co-writer of the hugely successful comedy Adam McKay first announced the news via his Twitter, with co-star Christina Applegate (Veronica Corningstone) also confirming the news shortly after, also on Twitter. It is rumored that Wiig will play Brick Tamland's (Steve Carrell) wife in the upcoming sequel.

News updates on the hotly anticipated film have been few and far between, with the first and only trailer for the movie being released way back in May last year. Word on the street is that the film will follow Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and his loyal news team as they negotiate the harsh seas of change in a vessel called diversity during the turbulent years of the early 1980's. Or something like that anyway, all you need to know is that it will have San Diego's classiest resident starring in it so what more could you want?

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Tommy Lee Jones Grumpy Meme Goes Viral - Paying The Price For That Sense Of Humour Bypass

Tommy Lee Jones Kristen Wiig Will Ferrell

The Tommy Lee Jones grumpy meme has gone viral.

TLJ was caught looking less than pleased when Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell mocked his movie at the Golden Globes. In fact, as the rest of the audience visibly shook with laughter, Tommy stared stony-faced and seriously grumpy-looking at the stage. Will and Kristen's skit was considered to be one of the more amusing pre-award moments. But not for Tommy it seems.

Kristen and Will were reading out the details of the ‘Best Performance By An Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical and the pair of comics arrived onstage feigning incredulity at where they found themselves. As they described the movies that they clearly hadn’t watched, they read out Meryl Streep’s name, for Hope Springs, deliberately pronouncing her name wrong and describing the movie as being about a sassy sheriff, named Hope Springs (it’s actually about a married couple (Streep and Tommy Lee Jones) who undergo counselling to work on their ailing, 30 year marriage. Unlike most awards interludes, this one was actually funny.

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The Ten Most Anticipated Films Of 2013

Jj Abrams Leonardo Dicaprio Jennifer Lawrence Henry Cavill Carey Mulligan Benedict Cumberbatch Josh Hutcherson Amy Adams Johnny Depp Armie Hammer Chloe Moretz Jim Carrey Brad Pitt Mireille Enos James Franco Chris Pine Baz Luhrmann Zack Snyder Gore Verbinski Sam Raimi Mila Kunis Will Ferrell Paul Rudd

As always, we'll need to sift through a vast number of sequels and remakes to find something original next year. But here are a few things worth looking forward to. Of course, release dates are subject to change...

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

1. Star Trek: Into Darkness (May)

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'Demand A Plan' PSA: Hollywood's Biggest Stars Unite Against Gun Violence

Beyonce Knowles Will Ferrell Reese Witherspoon Jamie Foxx Jessica Alba Zooey Deschanel John Legend

On the same day that the NRA calls for there to be armed guards at all schools, celebrities have come together to film a campaign video for 'Demand a Plan', which asks the government to do just that- come up with a plan to tackle the national epidemic of gun violence. The plan that the NRA offers is definitely not the answer that these celebs are after.

As stars, including Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel and John Legend, among many more, speak the names of cities, and the names of places, they also ask their core question: How many more? Fundamentally, there can't be any more, enough is enough. And this is precisely why they are demanding a plan. The video- which you can see below- is linked to the Demand a Plan website, the homepage of which has three main requests:

1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America

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Demi Moore Still Knows How To Party Like It's 19...89?

Demi Moore Will Ferrell Pharrell Williams Stephen Dorff Naomi Campbell Jeremy Piven Russell Simmons

Demi Moore is saying to all those women who've reached half a century on this earth: go out and have a good time while you still can. And all you naysayers out there who say she shouldn't, well, shut up.

She went out for a wild one in Miami at beachside barbecue, and was joined by Lenny Kravitz and Stacy Kiebler, amongst other cool friends. Her reported toy boy - art dealer Vito Schnabel, the 26-year-old son of artist and director Julian Schnabel - was also there to roll back the years (for her anyway). She was snapped by paps at the venue grinding around in her seat, but she didn't exactly make it difficult for the photo hungry freelancers and general public, as she gamely posed for pics at the reveller's delights. "She is definitely more down to party than Vito," an eyewitness told E! News, saying the two are definitely a couple. According to that source, the two were publicly making out at the event. The party at Miami's Soho Beach House was apparently sponsored by Chanel for Art.sy, and Will Ferrell, Stephen Dorff, Russell Simmons, Pharrell Williams,Naomi Campbell, Jeremy Piven and Adriana Lima were among other faces in the crowd.

Moore has come under some stick recently for dating someone just over half her age, and, the fact that her 24 year old daughter was snuggled up in bed cuddling one of her favourite pooches, has seemed to direct a lot of abuse to her for going out and having fun. We at Contact Music say go for it, sister. 

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Top Twenty Classic Holiday Season Christmas Films

Chevy Chase Will Ferrell Zooey Deschanel Bill Murray Tim Allen Michael Caine The Muppets Macaulay Culkin Joe Pesci Eddie Murphy Dan Aykroyd Billy Bob Thornton Bruce Willis Alan Rickman Robert Downey Jr Val Kilmer Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet Jude Law Jack Black Keira Knightley Hugh Grant Colin Firth Johnny Depp

Little has caused more contention in the contactmusic office than our recent discussion about the Christmas films list! Obviously, everyone has their own favourite, and to them that will always be the top of the list. One thing that became all too clear to us was that - with the exception of Elf & Bad Santa - there really hasn't been too many full blown Christmas films so we'd like to make a plea to Bill Murray and the other Hollywood greats - PLEASE make a new (top quality) Christmas film to join these festive favourites! 

I can't say we particularly advocate parents encouraging their offspring to watch films above their age certificate, but it appears we all grew up in houses that didn't really mind what we watched - and let's face it, some of the best Christmas films might have a few boobs or rowdy drunken behaviour... As children of the 80's and 90's, we're fully aware that there's original to some of these remakes, but as is always the way, these are the films we grew up with and as such, they are our favourites. 

Enough explanation, in no particular order here are the films we recommend you watch over the holidays!

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Pictures: Hollywood Stars Turn Out For The LACMA Gala

Stanley Kubrick Cameron Diaz Evan Rachel Wood Robert Pattinson Will Ferrell Salma Hayek Tom Hanks Drew Barrymore Amber Valletta

One of the big events of the weekend was the LACMA Film + Art Gala which saw some of the great and good of Hollywood in attendance to raise a glass in honour of the director Stanley Kubrick and artist Ed Ruscha. Cameron Diaz, Evan Rachel Wood, Robert Pattinson, Will Ferrell and Salma Hayek were just some of the names there for the event which cost between $5000 and $10000 a ticket. 

Cameron Diaz At The LACMA Gala

Cameron Diaz looking radiant at the LACMA Gala

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The Campaign Review

Very Good

Will Ferrell's funniest movie in years, this is a silly comedy with a terrible sentimental streak, but the political satire running through it is dead on. In fact, the film's opening act is razor-sharp as it lampoons election campaigning with knowing jabs at corporate sponsorship, incumbent laziness and the difficulty of being an honest candidate. So it's disappointing when the film becomes soppy and stupid.

Ferrell creates a memorable comical character in Cam Brady, a five-term North Carolina congressman up for re-election. He's sure he will coast his way back into office, and is only mildly worried when naive local goofball Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) runs against him. Marty certainly isn't ready for the slick attacks orchestrated by Cam's campaign manager (Sudeikis). But two wealthy brothers (the underused Lithgow and Aykroyd) are bankrolling Marty's campaign in the hopes of turning the district into a Chinese sweatshop, so they hire a ruthless press officer (McDermott) to whip Marty into shape. And the game is on.

Even though the characters are cartoonish, what they do is eerily authentic. Cam is a smooth operator with strong hair and a womanising streak. He also believes he can do whatever he wants as long as he mentions "America, Jesus and freedom" in every speech. By contrast, Marty is camp and silly, with a plump wife (Baker) and kids, plus a pair of pet pugs that Cam instantly labels as "Communist Chinese dogs!" Their clashes are a riot of parody and slapstick, some of which is sharply pointed (neither says anything substantial) and some is just ridiculous (including a hilarious cameo from Uggy, the dog from The Artist).

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Bachelorette Review

It's easy to see this comical romp as Bridesmaids meets The Hangover, but there's a bit more to it than that. It's a genuinely silly film with a rather simple plot, as three women try to accomplish something urgent while impaired by alcohol, drugs and romance. But it's goofy enough to keep us laughing.

The trio in question are Dunst, Fisher and Caplan, high school friends who reunite in New York as bridesmaids for Becky (a cleverly against-type Wilson), a girl none of them ever really liked. On the night before the marriage, they're goofing around with Becky's rather large wedding dress, and they tear it. So now they have one long night to get it repaired. Along the way, they run into the stag night for Becky's groom (MacArthur) and his chucklehead friends (Scott, Marsden and Bornheimer).

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Anchorman 2 Trailer

San Diego's biggest anchors Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kind are back with even more shenanigans than we saw in 2004 prequel 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'.

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The Campaign Trailer

Prior to the unopposed congressman Cam Brady's fifth term election, two affluent CEOs decide enough is enough after Brady commits a major public faux pas. They bring in a second candidate to rival Brady and allow them to gain control over North Carolina. Their candidate, Marty Huggins, though less charismatic than Brady but equally as much of an intellectual vacuum, is the na<ve local Tourism Center director who, with the help of his new supporters and a ruthless campaign manager, quickly becomes a genuine competitor incurring many more of Brady's public indiscretions.

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Video - Will Ferrell: 'Sex Scenes Are Technical To Shoot'

Will Ferrell (Elf; Anchorman; Tallageda Nights) attends a press junket for his new movie 'Casa De Mi Padre' at the Regency Hotel in New York. Will reveals he learnt Spanish for three years at high school but did not complete the fourth year, after he was thrown out of the classroom for skipping a lesson. He also talked about how 'technical' sex scenes are to shoot and recalls a 'creepy' crew member watching the action while smoking.

Casa De Mi Padre is about two brothers who get in a war with a drug lord, while thinking of a plan to save their ranch.

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Trailer

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are given one billion dollars to make a movie by the Schlaaang Corporation. Instead, the pair spend nearly all of the money and use what little they have remaining to make a three minute movie, which turns out to be a disappointment.

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Casa De Mi Padre Trailer

Armando Alvarez is the heir to a Mexican ranch, where he has lived and worked all his life. Meanwhile, his brother, Raul, has a successful career as an international businessman. However, the ranch soon comes into some financial troubles, with Armando at a loss for what to do.

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Casa De Mi Padre Trailer

Armando Alvarez is the heir to a Mexican ranch. He has lived and worked there all his life, while his brother, Raul, has a successful career as an international businessman. The ranch soon experiences some financial difficulties, with Armando at a loss for what to do.

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Video - Will Ferrell Spotted Shopping

Will Ferrell was recently spotted shopping at CVS, an American pharmacy drug store.

He could well be stocking up on vitamins, as he is scheduled to take part in a celebrity tennis tournament at the U.S. open in early September. Ferrell will take part in a doubles exhibition match with John Macenroe and Jim Courier on 8th September. Others stars taking part are Queen Latifah and Taio Cruz. According to USA Today, Latifah will be taking part in a special ceremony on 11th September to honour the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

The Other Guys Review

A sharp script sets this fast and furious action comedy apart from other brainless summer movies. And it's played with such deadpan precision that it keeps us laughing from start to finish, even when things get bogged down by the plot.

New York cops Gamble and Hoitz (Ferrell and Wahlberg) have been relegated to unimportant positions by two teams of flashier detectives (Jackson/Johnson and Wayans/Riggle). But when Gamble arrests a millionaire investor (Coogan) for a minor infraction, he and Hoitz are plunged into a murky case involving a ruthless Aussie goon (Stevenson) and bribed city officials. Even their captain (Keaton) tells them to leave it alone, but Gamble can't let go and Hoitz sees this as a chance to stop being the "other guys".

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Megamind Trailer

Every super-villain needs an arch nemesis, and generally they come in the form of a superhero! Megamind and Metro Man have that exact relationship. Megamind is the worlds most famous super-villain and for the past 20 years Metro Man has shattered all his efforts at world domination.

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The Producers (2005) Review

I'll confess up front that I never saw The Producers on stage. Not that I didn't want to: I'm a huge fan of the original Mel Brooks film -- a movie I consider, bar none, his best work and one of the 10 greatest comedies ever made. (I even wanted to name my firstborn after Zero Mostel, but that's another story.) The Broadway show also earned critical praise the likes of which few stage productions have seen: 12 Tony Awards and a waiting list for tickets that spanned over a year.

In 1968, Brooks was at the top of his game. He was also at the very beginning of it: The Producers was his first feature film, and you can track the quality of his movies on a steady decline which stretches from the awesome Blazing Saddles (1974) to the middling Spaceballs (1987) to the awful Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995), Brooks' last appearance behind the camera.

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Superstar Review

It's time to see some new female faces in comedy. Sure there are lots of women comedians, but who else can successfully headline a big-time film other than Janeane Garofalo these days? I won't believe for a second that the talent is not out there. I just think some stereotypes need to be broken down first.

That's why Superstar, starring Molly Shannon, is a breath of fresh air. It's the first film in a long while to give a woman the freedom to "get jiggy" with all-out Jim Carrey-esque full body humor.

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Men Seeking Women Review

For a direct-to-video movie, Men Seeking Women is far funnier than it has any right to be. Will Ferrell is a hoot and Grant Shaud is surprisingly effective as losers (of a gang of three, including Anthony Palermo) who bet $2,000 each in a desperate attempt to find love. They hope the bet will spur them to get off their butts -- and that starts with the personal ads and blind dates.

The scheming of Palermo's prototypical Italian is of little interest (he gets an old girlfriend to play nice with him), but Ferrell's ultra-loser, whose hearfelt appeal to the sky in the Hollywood Hills is met with jeers from the locals, shines. Shaud's dalliance with a married gal (is hubby a mobster?) is relatively lame, though his equally pathetic character is goofy enough to make his few scenes fun.

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Anchorman Review

The full title of this film, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, is a sly reference to the documentary Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy and might indicate a subtle referential humor on the filmmakers' part. But that's about as inside as the jokes get. This film is more invested in making you laugh at flat-out absurdism than clever irony, and more often than not, it succeeds.

Anchorman launches us into the world of '70s broadcast journalism with local San Diego anchor Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) as the poster boy for men behaving badly. His supporting anchors introduce themselves by breaking the fourth wall with all the casual gusto of their on-air personas. There's good-ol'-boy Champ Kind (David Koechner) with sports, ladies' man Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) in the field, and dumb-as-a-Brick Tamland (Steven Carell) on weather. They revel in their boys' club with gleeful ignorance of terms like "sexual harassment" until new reporter Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) enters the fray. Improbably, Ron and Veronica hit it off until a series of events puts her in the co-anchor seat and professional jealousy rips them apart, sending Ron on a downward spiral.

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The Ladies Man Review

Ok. Where in the contract for an SNL cast-member does it stipulate that they will finance your ill-conceived film, no matter what it is? What kind of shyster agent dreamed that one up? And why does said movie ever have to be granted approval to be released to the general public?

These three questions, along with "How the hell does a lisping moron actually have game?" predominate a thinking viewer's mind as it wanders through the cerebrally deficient film The Ladies Man. But then your brain reminds you that you're not here for it. You're here so your brain can turn off for a long, long time.

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Zoolander Review

Very Good
In Zoolander, the world's most successful, influential and intellectually-challenged male model Derek Zoolander wonders, "Is there more to life than being really really really good looking?" Obviously, the film's creator and star Ben Stiller asked a similar question when crafting a feature-length movie out of his hilarious VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards short-film subject: Can there be more to this film than being really really really silly? No, of course not, and it never aspires to be anything more.

Much like Derek, Zoolander is a sweet simpleton of a movie. It's not complex in either its social commentary or its comedy, and it never produces any gut-busting laughs (except maybe a scene when Derek's model roommates all die in a tragic "gasoline fight" accident -- a riotously funny take-off of Tommy Hilfiger ads). But it has a satisfying handful of strong chuckles, wild characters and performances, and mildly harsh potshots at the fashion industry to keep you amused. Better yet, this exaggerated version of the original three-minute skit is only blown out to an efficient 95 minutes -- just enough time to string together its goofball plot without exhausting the gag.

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Bewitched Review

Heed my advice before seeing Bewitched: It may fly like a witch and twitch like a witch, but it's certainly not the beloved Bewitched.

While its trailers make you believe the small screen gem has been reincarnated from its TV Land graveyard, those expecting a proper big screen revival will be sorely disappointed. In fact, the sisters Ephron have carefully crafted a film that tries and succeeds at not resembling the original. Too bad the parts they took out are all the best bits. The finished product is new and different, but it's too predictable and remarkably devoid of anything entertaining or enduring.

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Dick Review

In this new 70s comedy opening just in time for the anniversary of Woodstock, we follow characters Betty (Kirsten Dunst), and Arlene (Michelle Williams) on a wacky journey through Washington, D.C. following the Watergate Scandle.

The two are spotted in the White House by a gaurd who originally saw the girls at Watergate the night of the burglary. The two are taken to the infamous "West Wing" where they meet and fall in love with President Richard "Dick" Nixon, played by Dan Hedaya, and very well I might add. Unfortunetly Hedaya's very entertaining performance of Dick couldn't save this already ill-fated non-comedy.

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Wedding Crashers Review

About 20 minutes before the credits roll in "WeddingCrashers," something goes very wrong. It feels as if a drunken scriptdoctor stumbled into the party, demanded to know where all the clicheshad gone and insisted they be put right back where they belong.

Soon there are interrupted weddings, "I tried to tellyou but couldn't" apologies and an avalanche of other plot machinationsthat come close to ruining what is otherwise the bawdiest, most consistentlyhilarious comedy so far this year.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have an ad-lib-happy, almostHope-and-Crosby-like chemistry as a pair of buddies -- ironically talenteddivorce mediators by profession -- who spend their free time attendingweddings of people they don't know to score with girls they'll never seeagain. Almost the entire first reel of the movie is something akin to afilmmaking miracle -- one long, perfectly-tuned montage sequence of variousethnic weddings that just keeps getting funnier and funnier as it mixestoasts, dances, flirtations, made-up war stories, fake tears, and prettygirls caught up in the romance of the day and jumping our heroes' bones.

Story proper kicks in when the boys dare to crash "theKentucky Derby of weddings" -- the Secretary of State's eldest daughteris getting hitched -- and Wilson lays eyes on the middle daughter (talented,bright-eyed Everygirl knockout Rachel McAdams) as she's quietly snickeringthrough her sister's corny self-written vows.

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