Yes, the peeps of Arrested Development are cool on screen and off. Or at least we like to think so. The show will finally be back on screen (in a whole new way) next week and everyone is SO EXCITED. Yes, the caps were absolutely necessary there. After a seven-year absence (has it really been that long?) the Bluth family is back in fifteen all-new episodes, premiering May 26th on Netflix. Not only that, but there is also a rumored movie, also written by the creator, Mitch Hurwitz, picking up where the fourth season ends.

Will Arnett, Arrested Development Premiere
Arnett looked casual and relaxed at the LA premiere.

The premiere for said season was held this week in Los Angeles and, of course, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett had to go and make a scene. It was a funny one though and aptly reminiscent of the show, in which Bateman and Arnett’s characters (Michael and Gob Bluth) are constantly at each other’s throats.

Jason Bateman, Arrested Development Premiere
Bateman opted for a more polished look.

As we’re sure you remember, Michael is typically the fixer of the dysfunctional (to put it mildly) family, while Gob… well, let’s just say he never really made things easy. The fight at the premiere, which E!News covered, was obviously staged, but it definitely brings back memories of a family so weird, it made everyone else’s seem like a cereal commercial by comparison. Needless to say, the revival couldn’t come fast enough.