CBS sitcom 'The Millers' has become the first returning show to be axed this season. The plug was pulled on the series on Friday, just four episodes into its second season run which had been airing on Monday nights. 

Will ArnettThe Millers' star Will Arnett

The comedy starred Will Arnett as a divorced local television news reporter struggling to get along with his eccentric parents played by Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges. This season the cast had also been joined by former ‘Will and Grace’ star Sean Hayes in an attempt to boost ratings.

According to Entertainment Weekly, an original episode of the comedy will air on Monday but production on the series will then be shut down after shooting on an episode finishes this Tuesday.

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The network is yet to decide what to do with the unaired episodes, however it has been suggested that Melissa McCarthy comedy 'Mike and Molly' may fill the spot. 'Mike and Molly' was recently renewed for a fifth season which has yet to premiere.

‘The Millers’ began its run on CBS last year on Thursday nights, before being shifted to Monday nights this season. The comedy had struggled to pull in viewers in the new timeslot, which saw it follow ‘2 Broke Girls’.

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The series is the first returning sitcom to be dropped this season but the fifth show overall to be axed. So far ABC has cancelled 'Selfie' and 'Manhattan Love Story', while NBC has said goodbye to 'Bad Judge' and 'A To Z'.