14 years into their bitter feud, grime star Wiley has stepped forward to apologise for Dizzee Rascal’s stabbing that occurred in the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa.

The pair have been professional rivals ever since the ugly incident in 2003 that saw Dizzee hospitalised, and have been exchanging disses and insults in their tracks. However, having always maintained his innocence before, he admits in a new interview with The Sun that the knifing was partly his fault.

“I love that boy. He knows I love that boy but we’re not gonna be friends, not because we argue. We’re not gonna be friends anymore because he holds me responsible for being stabbed,” 38 year old Wiley said about his relationship with Dizzee now.

WileyWiley pictured in 2017

“And I take responsibility – I didn’t stab him – I take responsibility because he was with me but after 14 years I would have thought you would have realised I didn’t stab you.”

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Speaking to Time Out in the past, Wiley, who himself has been stabbed on multiple occasions throughout his career, he said that Dizzee’s stabbing happened after “there was some fighting with another crew” one night in the resort, but that the next day, Wiley and a friend decided to “carry it on”.

However, when the rival crew decided to retaliate and came looking for Wiley and his friend, but found Dizzee instead in a case of mistaken identity.

Dizzee RascalDizzee Rascal performing at the 2017 V Festival

Earlier this month, after years of back and forth over social media, 33 year old Dizzee reignited his feud with Wiley with an explosive accusation of inappropriate behaviour with a 14 year old minor, tweeting: “I’ve never seen a Nonce so protected since Saville."

At one point, Dizzee seemed to issue a death threat against him, in a now-deleted tweet that read: “Wiley I know you think all this trolling is funny but one day you’re [going to] push me too far and I’m going to kill you. I hope you keep laughing”.

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