Review of See Clear Now Album by Wiley

Review of Wiley's album 'See Clear Now'.

Wiley See Clear Now Album

London made Richard Kylea Cowie aka Wiley is back with another album 'See Clear Now' on Asylum Records. Wiley well known as one of the pioneers of 'grime' music is well known as an innovator and a music talent. 'Wearing My Rolex' gave commercial success to this artist scoring a number 2 in the UK charts that is featured on this album. Commercial success was never something the grime cats were chasing however 'See Clear Now' could certainly be a winner.

'See Clear Now' is grime but not as we know it. In fact there are so many catchy choruses and crossover accessibility it's hard to call it grime. In fact Wiley even put down this album due to that reason. However it is class! Wiley has created an album that is for the people and all manner of people will get into this. There's some great production from Mark Ronson, Jake Gosling, Hot Chip and High Contrast. The contribution from Ronson 'Cash In My Pocket' featuring Daniel Merriweather on vocals is a clever track that has cool lyrics, a catchy chorus and a definite chart topper. 'See Clear Now' is an uplifting track featuring Kano and Scorcher. 'Step By Step' featuring Hot Chip is an experimental sonic sound that is definitely original. 'Turn It Up' is a definite cool track and 'Wearing My Rolex' is a 08' classic.

It took me a while to get into this album as it wasn't what I was expecting but after a lot of listens it just struck me a well rounded album that oozes originality and is accessible to the masses. It doesn't have to be made for the underground as 'See Clear Now' shows intelligence, creativity and stands alone as an album. Maximum respect to Wiley for creating a piece of work that can inspire and educate the masses possibly at the cost of his own underground credibility. To me it shows Wiley is the current leader of the progressive UK music makers and he should be proud of 'See Clear Now' and be sure to watch out for some serious 'bangers' coming from this talent in the future.

Tareck Ghoneim

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