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7th December 2016

Fact: DJ Khaled's newborn son made his TV debut on Wednesday (07Dec16) when the hip-hop producer introduced little Asahd to Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts on U.S. talk show The View. The All I Do Is Win hitmaker carried his baby boy out onstage at the start of his interview, before handing off his child to a pal to take him backstage. Khaled's fiancee Nicole Tuck gave birth to the couple's first child in late October (16).

10th August 2016

Quote: "I had a very, very, very young man once - I was more than 18 years older - but the reason I knew it was not going to work was because he once said to me, 'Paul MCCartney had a band before Wings?' And that is the thing that says, 'Oh... How good is the sex?!'" Actress Whoopi Goldberg, 60, has sworn off dating toyboys after one young lover had no idea who The Beatles were.

18th July 2016

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg is recovering from a minor operation on her mouth. The actress/singer-turned-TV co-host made the revelation as she kicked off her U.S. talk show The View on Monday (18Jul16) to explain why she was speaking a little differently. "I had mouth surgery over the weekend, so I'm not 100 per cent here, but mostly here!" she quipped to the studio audience. The Oscar winner did not share any further details about her medical issue.

6th June 2016

Quote: "He was really good to me; he was great to my mum, he was great to my brother. I understood a lot of stuff after talking to Ali over the years about standing up for your convictions and knowing that there are consequences for every action... I am devastated that he's gone, but man, were we lucky to have him for the time we did." Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg is thankful for the lessons learned from late boxing icon and civil rights activist Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday (03Jun16), aged 74.

4th June 2016

Fact: Comedienne Michelle Collins has reportedly been axed from U.S. talk show The View, less than a year after she joined the panel. According to Variety.com, network bosses at ABC recently made the decision not to renew her contract, so she will not be returning to her seat alongside the likes of fellow co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symone once the series' current season 19 ends this summer (16).

25th January 2016

Quote: "Even if you fill the Academy with black and Latino and Asian members, if there's no one on the screen to vote for, you're not going to get the outcome that you want. I won once, so it can't be that racist. I've been black the whole time." Whoopi Goldberg, who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Ghost in 1991, defends her fellow Academy members amid allegations of racism following the uproar over the lack of diversity among this year's (16) top nominees.

29th September 2015

Quote: "I played a gay woman in Color Purple, a man in The Associate and we're actors. We're supposed to be able to play everything and play it convincingly. I don't think whether you know, or think or believe I'm gay has nothing to do with what my abilities are... People out you. People tell your business whether you tell your business or not." Whoopi Goldberg weighs in on Matt Damon's recent controversial comments, in which he suggested actors should keep their sexual preferences private for the sake of their careers.

5th August 2015

Quote: "The point she was actually trying to make was that Donald Trump's stance on immigration will only end up hurting the people that Donald Trump was counting on, I think that's what she was trying to say, and one of the things that happens on live television is you're trying to get your point in and you try to hit it and you sometimes step in dog do (sic). It does not make you a racist and sometimes your head works faster than your mouth... and I believe in my heart (Osbourne is not a racist)." Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg defends Kelly Osbourne, who sparked controversy on the Ghost star's U.S. talk show The View on Tuesday (04Aug15) with a comment about Latinos cleaning toilets as she weighed in on Donald Trump's conservative stance on Mexican immigrants in America. Osbourne has since apologised for her bad choice of words.

29th July 2015

Quote: "You don't get to act like that when you're a newbie. She's not famous; I'm famous." Oscar and Grammy winner Whoopi Goldberg criticises British supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne after the usually-chatty beauty answered questions during a U.S. TV interview in a tired and sarcastic manner.

16th July 2015

Quote: "We had a meeting on Twitter recently that freaked a lot of people out, and then we spoke because we're adults and we can have good conversations." Whoopi Goldberg insists she has cleared the air with filmmaker Judd Apatow after the two celebrities clashed following her public defence of accused rapist Bill Cosby. The Ghost star accepted this week (begs13Jul15) that the mounting evidence against her old pal "looks bad" after learning the statute of limitations to prosecute Cosby over decades-old allegations from more than 30 women had long expired. Apatow was a guest on Goldberg's U.S. talk show The View on Thursday (16Jul15).

20th May 2015

Quote: "I've carried this baby... she pooped on me! It was fine, it was fine; I forgave her!" Whoopi Goldberg teases Rumer Willis during an appearance on her U.S. talk show THE VIEW on Wednesday (20May15) as they celebrated the young actress' Tuesday (19May15) night win on reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS. Goldberg met Willis as a baby while working with her mum, Demi Moore, on 1990's GHOST.

7th May 2015

Fact: R&B legend Patti Labelle recruited Whoopi Goldberg and RAVEN-SYMONE as her backing singers during a brief performance of 1974 hit Lady Marmalade on U.S. talk show The View on Thursday (07May15).

13th April 2015

Fact: Actress Octavia Spencer worked as an intern on Whoopi Goldberg's 1990 film THE LONG WALK HOME.

2nd March 2015

Quote: "He became a cultural icon as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, but he was also a photographer, a poet, a musician and an amazing man... He was quite wonderful... He was also a huge, huge cheerleader for women... He was just remarkable." Whoopi Goldberg adds her tribute to Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday (27Feb15). Both stars are part of the Star Trek Tv family - Nimoy starred in the original Tv series, while Goldberg portrayed Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

8th February 2015

Quote: "Actually they were told when it was released on Friday... I've heard from everybody since then over the weekend. Everyone cares about each other, and nobody wants anyone to do anything that's going to affect their health. They get it. They know, and it's Ok. Not everything works out as you planned." ROSIE O'DONNELL admits her co-hosts on U.S. daytime show The View, including fellow actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez, only learned about her decision to quit the programme when it was formally announced late on Friday (06Feb15).

28th November 2014

Fact: Actress and U.S. Tv personality Whoopi Goldberg gifted late night host Jimmy Fallon with a giant chocolate turkey on the Thanksgiving episode of The Tonight Show STARRING Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (27Nov14).

23rd September 2014

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg is set to dress up and spook the crowds at the 2014 Village Halloween Parade in New York City. The Ghost star will serve as the event's Grand Marshall and ride one of the floats along the streets of Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The theme for this year's parade is The Garden of Earthly Delights.

15th September 2014

Fact: Singer/actress Kristin Chenoweth paid tribute to late Tv veteran Joan Rivers by performing her song Borrowed Angels on The View on Monday (15Sep14). The tribute was accompanied by a montage of Rivers' big career moments and hosts Whoopi Goldberg and ROSIE O'DONNELL showcased a video of her many appearances on the daytime talk show. Rivers passed away earlier this month (Sep14).

7th September 2014

Tweet: "Joan Rivers given a truly funny,truly loving send off by folks who loved her, funny&deeply moving,much like her. gift laughter 2some1 (to someone) 2day (sic)". Whoopi Goldberg urges fans to spread laughter after attending the funeral of late comedy legend Joan Rivers in New York on Sunday (07Sep14).

17th July 2014

Fact: Actress/singer Whoopi Goldberg delighted U.S. Tv viewers on Wednesday (16Jul14) by joining comedian Jimmy Fallon to perform an hilarious cover of George Michael and Aretha Franklin's duet I Knew You Were Waiting for Me during a talk show segment called Lip Flip. The sketch, which aired on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, featured graphic trickery to allow the pair to switch mouths and pretend to speak as the other person.

25th June 2014

Fact: Actress-turned-TV-host Whoopi Goldberg paid tribute to her The Associate co-star, Eli Wallach, during a segment on her U.S. talk show The View on Wednesday (25Jun14). Goldberg showcased a scene from the film featuring her and Wallach and said, "I was lucky to get to work with him..." Wallach passed away on Tuesday (24Jun14) at the age of 98.

3rd March 2014

Fact: Actress Whoopi Goldberg honoured The Wizard of Oz in her own way at the Oscars on Sunday (02Mar14) by donning her own version of ruby red slippers - glittery red stilleto heels. The Ghost star helped to mark the film's 75th anniversary by leading a round of applause for Judy Garland's children Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft, before introducing Pink to the stage to perform the film's beloved theme Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

9th December 2013

Fact: Actress Whoopi Goldberg turned teacher on U.S. chat show Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (05Dec13) - the comedienne instructed host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Zoe Saldana on how to roll a joint. Insisting her tutorial was exclusively for "tobacco" cigarettes, the self-professed marijuana smoker used TV-friendly oregano to show how to properly roll a joint.

11th June 2013

Fact: Actress Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter Amarah Skye is engaged after her boyfriend proposed on Monday night (10Jun13). The Sister Act star took time out of her hosting duties on U.S. chat show The View on Tuesday (11Jun13) to congratulate the 23 year old on the exciting news.

21st February 2013

Quote: "I always go to (jeweller) Harry Winston and get as many jewels as I can put on my body, just 'cos I love it." Whoopi Goldberg loves to attend the Oscars laden with gems.

23rd November 2012

Fact: Singer Carly Rae Jepsen, British boyband The Wanted and rapper Flo Rida were among the stars who performed during MACy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday (22Nov12). Actress Whoopi Goldberg also waved to fans from a float during the annual cruise through the streets of New York City.

29th October 2012

Tweet: "So trees kissing ground the wind is insane&we have a crane on 57th street that is dangling over the street. BigBig wind & sandy not here yet". Whoopi Goldberg frets as the strong winds pick up speed in New York, where Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall on Monday (29Oct12) evening.

23rd October 2012

Tweet: "R.I.P. Russell Means who helped us understand why it was important 2 understand our entwined past with the Native People of America." Whoopi Goldberg remembers American Indian activist and actor Russell Means, who passed away on Monday (22Oct12) aged 72.

9th October 2012

Tweet: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Lennon." Whoopi Goldberg remembers the late Beatles legend, who would have turned 72 on Tuesday (09Oct12).

18th August 2012

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg is returning to Glee for the upcoming fourth season of the hit TV comedy. The Ghost actress first appeared as New York Academy of Dramatic Arts dean Carmen Tibideaux in multiple episodes of season three, and she has now been confirmed to head back to school when the new series airs later this year (12), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

20th July 2012

Tweet: "The amazing Sylvia of Silvia's (sic) up in Harlem passed away today. It was one of the best known eateries in Harlem and Everybody went. R.I.P." Actress Whoopi Goldberg pays tribute to Sylvia Woods, founder of New York's famed Sylvia's Harlem Restaurant. The 86 year old had been battling Alzheimer's disease for the past few years.

25th May 2012

Fact: Actress Whoopi Goldberg, former model Brooke Shields and The Roots star ?Uestlove have teamed up to shoot a spoof of British period series Downtown Abbey. The group filmed the scene in old Victorian garb for U.S. programme Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the short piece aired on Thursday (24May12).

16th December 2011

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg was left red faced while interviewing actress Claire Danes on U.S. TV talk show The View on Friday (16Dec11) when she broke wind. Owning up to the toot, she said, "Excuse me, I think I just blew a little frog outta there!"

11th November 2011

Fact: David Crosby and Graham Nash helped celebrate Whoopi Goldberg's birthday by performing a surprise set during her U.S. talk show The View on Friday (11Oct11). The Sister Act star turns 56 on Sunday (13Oct11).

28th September 2011

Quote: "I used to be a really great actor... then I took a different kind of gig. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I got the gig. It's just a different kind of gig." Whoopi Goldberg jokes about swapping acting for a job hosting TV show The View.

6th September 2011

Quote: "I think that would be fantastic... Nobody's funnier... It's a great idea." Former Oscars host Whoopi Goldberg likes the idea of Eddie Murphy hosting the Academy Awards in 2012.

13th July 2011

Quote: "It's not necessarily like that... but you've gotta know what you're getting into. I'm very clear about it; I don't want an emotional relationship, but I do want to have some sex. And I'm OK with that - as long as you're not married." Whoopi Goldberg likes the idea behind Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake's new movie Friends With Benefits.

14th April 2011

Quote: "I'd like to sit on my porch with my cigarettes, my potato chips and my water, a great couple of thousand books and my cat." Whoopi Goldberg on how she'd like to spend the rest of her days.

14th April 2011

Quote: "There are things that I really don't care about and I'm supposed to. I have to try a little harder. But there are just things I'm never going to understand, the fascination, like Dancing With The Stars or Charlie Sheen's thing." Whoopi Goldberg is forced to chat about things which don't interest her on U.S. talk show The View.

14th April 2011

Quote: "These are such personal issues, they are such personal choices, that if he can do it and do 10 years of working and not being called out because he's always been on time and he knows his lines and does what he's supposed to, then who am I (to criticise)? I know how it is to know what you're doing when you're sort of a little off." Whoopi Goldberg is tired of reading criticisms about troubled actor Charlie Sheen, who was fired from Two And A Half Men last month (Mar11) after a public war of words with show creator Chuck Lorre.

14th April 2011

Quote: "I did once, that's why I don't drink anymore. Once in my life and I was in public, in New Orleans. Very drunk." Whoopi Goldberg gave up alcohol after one drunken experience.

29th March 2011

Fact: Comedian Jimmy Fallon is to replace Whoopi Goldberg as the virtual host of Universal Studios' backlot tour. The former Saturday Night Live regular has shot a series of videos which will be played to tourists as they travel around the Los Angeles themepark attraction, which offers film fans a behind-the-scenes look at how Hollywood films are made.

28th January 2011

Quote: "Look, my face is my part of my craft - because it moves in all kinds of directions. I can do things without saying anything... and so the idea of shifting it and not knowing if it will come out perfect - because that's the thing that freaks me out most about plastic surgery, because you don't know! Maybe the surgeon had a bad day... and there's nothing you can do. Some people end up looking like a Picasso (painting)." Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg vows not to go under the knife.

8th December 2010

Quote: "I have not been honoured at the Kennedy Center. But I will, one day." Hollywood icon Whoopi Goldberg has her sights set on receiving the White House accolade, which recognises artists who have enriched American culture.

11th August 2010

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg got back in the habit on Tuesday (10Aug10) as she made her debut in London's West End, playing Mother Superior in a musical stage version of her hit movie, SISTER ACT.

18th May 2010

Fact: Actor Jorge Garcia surprised Oscar winner and Lost fanatic Whoopi Goldberg with a special gift during an appearance on her U.S. talk show The View on Tuesday (18May10) - he presented her with a limited edition photo of the TV cast posing in character onset, alongside the wreckage of the doomed Oceanic flight 815.

29th January 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham is set to add talk show presenter to her resume - she is joining the ladies of U.S. TV's The View next month (Feb10). The pop star-turned-fashion designer will take a seat alongside co-hosts including Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters as a guest co-host on 17 February (10).

15th January 2010

Fact: The stage musical adaptation of Whoopi Goldberg's movie SISTER ACT has broken The Sound Of Music's record at London's fabled Palladium theatre. The spectacular, which features Sheila Hancock and Dad's Army star Ian Lavender, has broken the record for the highest-grossing single musical performance at the venue.

13th January 2010

Quote: "I paint every day. I did Al Pacino's portrait. He told me he didn't like it. I think he threw it away. I also did Whoopi Goldberg's. I don't think she kept that, either." Actor Matthew Modine's celebrity pals aren't fans of his artwork.

21st December 2009

Quote: "It is a terrible loss for us as actors and to the industry but even greater for her family. My thoughts and prayers are with them." Whoopi Goldberg reacts to the shock death of her GIRL, INTERRUPTED co-star Brittany Murphy, who died at the age of just 32 on Sunday (20Dec09).

6th November 2009

Quote: "Are you coming back to Harry Potter?" Whoopi Goldberg slips up interviewing SIR Ian McKellen on her talk show The View. MCKellen starred in the Lord of the Rings franchise and not Harry Potter.

25th September 2009

Quote: "I've had my fair share of very strange wake-ups in my time." Actress and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg admits she is no stranger to drunken sexual encounters.

25th September 2009

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar turned up the heat on U.S. TV show The View on Thursday (24Sep09) when the red-headed comedienne planted a big kiss on the Oscar winner's lips. Behar's same-sex kiss occurred as she demonstrated the do's and don'ts of appropriate friendly greetings.

15th September 2009

Quote: "I was really starstruck by Whoopi Goldberg. And I was even more nervous because just before I went on my husband was texting me going, 'I can't believe you're meeting Whoopi Goldberg!' We're such big fans of her." Victoria Beckham was delighted to meet Oscar winner Goldberg on Monday (14Sep09) when she appeared on U.S. talk show The View, which is co-hosted by the Ghost actress.

11th August 2009

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg has placed her luxury loft apartment in downtown New York on the market. The spacious SoHo property, which boasts two bedrooms and an open kitchen, is up for sale for $3.9 million (£2.6 million).

25th May 2009

Quote: "I get pretty fed up with this obsession we all seem to have about women actors having to be young and pretty. OK, I don't look like Halle Berry. I'm 53 for God's sake. But one day I'm sure as hell she will look like me." Whoopi Goldberg on Hollywood's obsession with image.

17th April 2009

Quote: "I made it clear that should the oldest one decide that it was a good possibility, that I would yank her tubes out with my bare hands. I accepted the grandmother thing in my thirties, but great grandchildren I'm not doing." Actress-turned-TV star Whoopi Goldberg hopes her oldest granddaughter doesn't get pregnant any time soon.

4th April 2009

Quote: "He's working his butt off, he's doing all kinds of exercises. He doesn't have an expiration date; when it comes, it comes." Whoopi Goldberg on her Ghost co-star Patrick Swayze who is currently battling cancer.

24th January 2009

Quote: "It's the first time I've been sat with four women, and there's not loud music and I haven't got a drink in both my hands." Mickey Rourke during an appearance on U.S. talk show The View, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd and ELIZABETH HASSELBECK.

30th November 2008

Quote: "I wanted to grow up to be a Muppet, and working in this film was as close as I got... KERMIT is one of the most inspirational actors I have ever had the honour to work with." Uma Thurman's dreams come true with the Muppets. The actress joins Whoopi Goldberg in the upcoming A Muppets Christmas special.

23rd October 2008

Fact: Whoopi Goldberg skipped an episode of The View - the talk show she co-hosts - on Wednesday (22Oct08) after root canal surgery on her teeth left her in pain and her face badly swollen.

19th September 2008

Fact: Pleasure-seeking Eurythmics star Dave Stewart kept the co-hosts of U.S. chat show The View buzzing with an unusual gift during his appearance on Thursday (18Sep08) - the British musician surprised the four women, including comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, with 14-carat gold vibrators from his Coco de Mer erotic boutique.

11th August 2008

Fact: Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Longoria PARKER, and ROSIE O'DONNELL will all appear in Adrian Grenier's forthcoming documentary Teenage Paparazzi, which focuses on a 14-year-old Los Angeles celebrity snapper.

5th August 2008

Quote: "I'm ready to go to Greece - that's where I'm going to retire, to Patmos." Whoopi Goldberg makes plans for her final years.

27th May 2008

Fact: Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg has commissioned supermodel Heidi Klum's protege, U.S. reality TV show PROJECT RUNWAY winner CHRISTIAN SIRIANO, to design her dress when she hosts The 62nd Annual Tony Awards ceremony in New York City next month (07June08).

4th March 2008

Fact: British singer Natasha Bedingfield is set to make a guest appearance on legendry American TV show Sesame Street. The star has a walk-on part on the show - joining the likes of Johnny Cash and Whoopi Goldberg who have also mingled with the muppets.

27th February 2008

Quote: "Gil Cates called me yesterday. He made an oversight, pure and simple." Actress/TV host Whoopi Goldberg has accepted the Oscars' producer Cates' apology after she was omitted from a montage of magical moments that aired during Sunday's (24Feb08) telecast ceremony.

11th December 2007

Quote: "There is nothing stranger than a 45-year-old woman in a baby-doll dress." Whoopi Goldberg wasn't a fan of Marie Osmond'S outfit for DANCING WITH THE STARS.

28th August 2007

Fact: Celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Trump, DANNY DeVITO and Alec Baldwin will take over U.S. TV network TCM (Turner Classic Movies) in November (07) as guest programmers to introduce 29 films of their choice.

21st November 2006

Quote: "Now we know how you power your car." Robin Williams joked at co-host Whoopi Goldberg's expense after she accidentally farted during Saturday night's (18NOV06) Comic Relief telecast in America.

12th November 2006

Quote: "This is the 'We Still Have Our Own Hips' tour!" Billy Crystal on reuniting with Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams for the 20th Anniversary of fundraiser COMIC RELIEF.

23rd February 2006

Fact: <p>Whoopi Goldberg uses her 1991 Best Supporting Actress Oscar as an ice breaker at parties - she insists guests pick up the statuette, which sits on the window sill of her New York apartment, and give a speech. </p>

13th December 2005

Fact: <p>"You can be sure that God's having a good laugh tonight." Whoopi Goldberg pays tribute to late comedian Richard Pryor. </p>

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