Actress Whoopi Goldberg has reportedly been banned from the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, because organisers fear her anti-Bush stance will put off voters.

According to reports, leading Democrats have asked left-wing celebrities to hold back from criticism of US President George W Bush because "they don't want the chattering class clouding their message".

And they have targeted Goldberg, after her fiery rant against Bush at the recent New York Democrat party fundraising event.

Pro-Democrat director Rob Reiner explains, "When you're representing a candidate, you have to be more careful about what you say. There's plenty to say about Bush without resorting to name-calling."

But Reiner regards comedian Billy Crystal a positive Democrat ambassador: "Billy's a brilliant comedian, because he knows how to walk up to the line and not cross it."

Goldberg's representative, however, insists the comedienne was invited to the convention.

BRAD CAFERELLI tells American newspaper the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "She has never really attended the conventions. She didn't go when Bill Clinton was nominated.

"She's very mindful of the convention. She has no interest in detracting from it. She decided that on her own."

27/07/2004 17:31