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Whole Sky Monitor
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Whole Sky Monitor Cinenema Single

Whole Sky Monitor are set to release 'Cinenema' which is off their second album 'Bland Bland Bland'. They have been getting a lot of praise and accolade from the mighty Steve Lamacq.

'Cinenema' is a rip-roaring tune that seems to be a mutation of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Manic Street Preaches. They own vocals not dissimilar to James Dean Bradfield, which can't be a bad thing. Whole Sky Monitor are an interesting concept in their own right but if there was any real criticism it does get a bit repetitive. If these guys used a bit more invention, they would be turning more heads and a lot more would be standing up and taking notice.

The B-side track 'Sick Sick Sick', could've been the A-side. It has changes; it is fast and full of twists, turns and much more. Did someone mix the single up with the B-side?

Mark Moore

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