Whitney Port was ''really self-conscious'' about having sex with her husband after the birth of their son.

The 35-year-old reality star was unhappy with how her body looked after the birth of her now two-year-old son Sonny, and has said she was nervous about being naked around her husband Tim Rosenman, because she didn't like the way her breasts had changed.

She said: ''I was really, really self-conscious about my boobs and my nipples because they were just engorged and uncomfortable and misshaped and so huge and I always took pride in them.

''I remembered that being like a bit of an inhibitor to our sex life because I wasn't fully able to enjoy myself because I was so self-conscious of what he was thinking about my body at that time.''

The 'Hills' star says her sex life with Tim was impacted by her body hangups, but admits the spark returned once she stopped breastfeeding Sonny.

Giving advice to other new mothers who may be feeling the same way, she added: ''Give yourself a little bit of a break, you may feel self-conscious about getting back into bed with him, especially if you had a vaginal birth - 'How does it feel down there?' 'Is my squishy belly affecting him and his sex drive?' ... Try not to spiral.''

Whitney insists she still isn't happy with how ''saggy'' her breasts have become, but says there's ''nothing wrong with feeling insecure''.

Speaking on her podcast 'With Whit', she said: ''My boobs are saggier, the nipples protrude more, I don't like them ... I don't love them. There's nothing wrong with feeling insecure about your body changing after baby.''

Meanwhile, Whitney revealed last week that Tim is keen to give Sonny a sibling, but after suffering a miscarriage last year, she is unsure about expanding their family.

She said: ''He, I know, really really wants a second kid, and I don't know. That's where little fractures start to happen. You don't know if [miscarriage] is going to be routine or not, and that's what's scary.''