Whitney Port wants to be ''proud'' of the ''partner, mother, and individual'' she is.

The 'Hills' alum is doing her best to ''stay strong'' amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as she wants to be able to ''look back on this time'' with pride when it comes to how she handled her life at home with her husband Tim Rosenman and their two-year-old son Sonny.

She said: ''[I] try to stay strong, so I can look back on this time and be proud of the partner, mom and individual I was able to be. That doesn't mean I push down sadness or anxiety when it comes. I feel those feelings and let them come out. Releasing them is the only way to actually work through them.

''I wake up each morning and tell myself, 'It is going to be a good day', to have a positive mindset. I really try to step outside of myself to make sure I am keeping a healthy perspective.''

Whitney has more time to spend with her son now that she's self-isolating at home, and has decided to let him ''use his imagination'' when it comes to play time, rather than dictating what games they play together.

Asked what she does each day, she added: ''Play with Sonny by doing whatever he wants to do. As adults, we usually have an agenda for what we want to do with our kids, but lately, I just follow his lead to take the pressure off. It is so fun to watch him use his imagination. I think him being in charge like this leads him to feeling more understood and heard as opposed to just barked at.''

And during the global health crisis, Whitney is following a very important mantra.

Detailing her self-care routine for E! News, she said: ''There is no way out but through.''