Whitney Port almost gave up her career when her father died.

The 30-year-old fashion designer was left devastated when her beloved dad and business partner Jeffrey passed away from kidney cancer two years ago and couldn't see a point in carrying on with her fashion line Whitney Eve.

She said: ''Not only did I lose my dad but my mentor.

''I just thought, 'Oh c**p, I'm on my own now'.

''I just wanted to quit everything. I was like, if I can't share it with him, nothing's going to be worthwhile.''

But Whitney's mother Vicki told her to reconsider and she is glad she persevered to make her dad ''proud''.

She added to HELLO!'s Fashion Monthly magazine: ''She wouldn't let me quit so I stuck it out for a couple of months and, honestly, I had the biggest year of my life for my collection.

''Distribution grew and everything started clicking. I was so grateful that I stuck it out. I went from, 'I'm done' to 'I just want to make him proud.'''