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"Luv Machine"

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Whitestarr Luv Machine Album

First conceived in frontman Cisco Adler's Malibu home in 2000, Whitestarr are a five piece from southern California who believe in all things rock and roll. Their first gig was on Sunset Strip, their songs contain multiple references to drink, sex, and women, and their drummer Alex is the son of Roy Orbison!

With the most pointless intro track ever, the record doesn't get off to the best of starts, but the rolling blues riffs of "Gimme' A Light" soon make up for the faux pas. Fans of The Black Crowes will love it, plenty of energy and a stomping beat, all rounded up with a big party finish – and there's plenty more of it, in the shape of "Sunshine Girl" and "Welcome To Malibu". Unfortunately the title track isn't a cover of the Girls Aloud hit, but a sleazy number that somehow still manages to possess some charm, as well as featuring some guitar showmanship. Less successful is "Since", which treads on the boundaries of power ballad – and not a terribly good one at that.

So confident are Whitestarr in what they do that "Use Me" sounds as if it was lifted straight from an impromptu jam session – with good results. The fat riff and booming bass provide a funky swagger, and it's all topped off with some howling guitar. The good times continue through "Vampire" and "Sex On The Dance Floor", which is probably as close as Whitestarr will get to a love song – with the backbone of a classic metal riff of course. Indeed, it comes as something of surprise when "Cherry Surprise" develops into a bit of a mess, and "Marie" suffers from being a bit too long. Nevertheless, "Luv Machine" is still an enjoyable debut record.

Alex Lai

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