Review of Blue Orchid Single by White Stripes

White Strips

White Stripes - Blue Orchid - Single Review

White Stripes - Blue Orchid - Single Review
White Stripes

Blue Orchid

This review is a hard one to write mainly due to the fact that I can/will offend people. With the most anticipated album coming out (bar coldplay) of the year can The White Stripes pull out another Seven Army Nation to lead in their new album to the bloodthirsty public. Apart form the superb video which always helps/detracts from the song this is quite a surprise. I always find that sometimes videos take away the fun from imagining what the song congers up in your own head. But this time it is a bobby and if you like dark videos it’s worth watching.

With such high expectations is hard not to initially detest the song, the repetitiveness of the riff the rather strange bassy production (no bass player?). But this is why it works, with passed works basing themselves on the same jazz/blues philosophy you soon realise that this is next album won’t be Elephant pt 2 but an album in its own right. It made me feel almost guilty about comparing it to the past. Get over it and love it. Its great, awesome and defiantly worth buying. Stop dwelling on what has been and appreciate what now is. Rifftastic

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