Review of Icky Thump Single by White Stripes

The White Stripes
Icky Thump
Single Review

White Stripes Icky Thump Single

Another White Stripes single. Meg’s simple, crashing drums? Check. In tandem with Jack’s wailing guitar? Check. Jack’s wailing voice? Check. Quirky title? Check.

Yes it’s business as usual for the duo. As tired as the format is, it’s still a good format. The lyrics and delivery are sharp and crisp as he rants about the injustices of the world’s politicians and the irony of Americans calling for immigrants to be kicked out of a country they are not indigenous to. However the raw energy is lacking and there’s nothing really special about this track that grabs my imagination, even the solos sound underwhelming and “Fisher-Price”. The fact that one of the verses ends with a “la la la la la la la” emphasises how half-arsed this really is. The fact that they’ve been a shining light in rock for most of the last decade meant that I was expecting more and this might have tarnished my view somewhat, but maybe they really are just going through the motions now. I hope not it’d be a crying shame.

David Lapidus

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