Review of Fort Nightly Album by White Rabbits

White Rabbits
Fort Nightly
Album Review

White Rabbits Fort Nightly Album

A 6-piece band from Bushwick, New York City, White Rabbits play a new, not-easy-to-pigeonhole music that draws from bands like Cold War Kids, The Walkmen, The Strokes, maybe even the Guillemots. Coming off tours with The Cribs and the Kaiser Chiefs, their time is clearly near. And there is a lot here to hear. But there is, throughout the disc, the gnawing sense that something didn't make it out of the studio - this is a band that revels in its rhythmic sense (two drummers...), spiky sound and a great collective noise.

Compared to the live band (or even the live band playing acoustically), the record sounds a little civilised, a bit trebley. Production question aside, however, there is no question that this is a band whose music is as addictive as nicotine - it's fun, melodic, a little anarchic. They're The Walkmen with a sense of humour, and less reliance on a wall of noise. Fort Nightly is a great disc, and there's every chance that its successor will be outstanding.


Mike Rea

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