White Noise Sound, Interview

18 November 2010

Interview with White Noise Sound

Interview with White Noise Sound

White Noise Sound are an experimental psychedelic rock band who have been operating under the radar for quite some time now from their native South Wales. The music is an electronic, guitar-based, throbbing, pulsing wall of sound in the vein of Spacemen 3, Suicide and The Velvet Underground. Early releases have seen them feature on a split single on French experimental label Burning Emptiness and included on Fourier Transforms 3CD experimental collection 'Brave New Wales.' Most recently they have appeared on Northern Star Records' critically acclaimed Psychedelica series alongside the likes of Singapore Sling, Joensuu 1685 and The Black Angels.
Having now just released their eponymous debut album with the assistance and guidance of Pete Kember (Spacemen 3, Spectrum and E.A.R) and Cian Ciaran (
Super Furry Animals) whose respective bands they have also shared the stage with, WNS currently find themselves at the forefront of the UK psychedelic scene and on tour with The Warlocks. After receiving a rapturous review in these very pages, Contact caught up with WNS to find out more from what goes on behind the wall of sound.

CM: Describe your sound to someone who's yet to hear you.

WNS: Psychotic, hypnotic, wall-of-sound psychedelia.

CM: White Noise Sound (WNS) are based in Wales. Is there a strong music scene in Wales? Is there any relevance between the music you make and the fact that you're a Welsh band? Has being from Wales helped you in any way?

WNS: There are a number of 'scenes' here - though we're not part of any of them. We started this band because we couldn't find anyone immediately around us doing anything that we considered of any worth. We lose ourselves in our music and we want others to 'lose themselves' in our music - we aim for the ecstatic. It's this escapism element that we think makes our music a product of our day. Wales is the last thing that we're thinking of when we're in that place. Not really sure that being from Wales has helped us - but we certainly wouldn't change it.

CM: Recently there's been a big resurgence in psychedelia - WNS have been viewed as part of a new wave of psychedelic bands? What is your take on this? Do you share an affinity with these bands and their music?

WNS: For us, 'psychedelic' does not mean kaftans and flowers in hair. All of the best music is psychedelic - it takes you somewhere else.
There are some great bands around at the moment who deserve more credit for what they're doing. One of our album tracks was recently on Northern Star Records' 'Psychedelica 4' compilation - if anyone is looking for a way in, then they'd do well to start with that series.

CM: You were recently signed by US label Alive who have previously released albums by The Soledad Brothers - how did this come about?

WNS: Everyone in the band has Alive releases in their record collections.
We sent a few tracks through to Patrick at Alive while we were finishing the mastering of the album and it went from there.

CM: You worked with Cian Ciaran from The Super Furry Animals and Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember on your new album. What was it like working with them? How much has their influence filtered through?

WNS: We've been lucky to have worked with and / or shared the stage with many of the people that we hold in the highest regard. We did a few sessions with Pete some time back - it's fair to say that it was a 'formative' experience. We couldn't have asked for more from Cian's mixes - he is a magician.

CM: You've recently been making an impact with your lives shows and seem to be gaining favourable reviews in the music press. How do you approach your live set and what do you hope to achieve with it?

WNS: The approach to the live shows is to push the boundaries to breaking point. We aim to hit extremes of the blissed-out to the anarchic - there's always been a mutual drive to split ears in this band. There's a lot more freedom playing live. What are people going to do? Glass you and / or walk-out? We're not scared to fill or empty a room.

CM: What are your hopes and aspirations for White Noise Sound? What's next for White Noise Sound?

WNS: We want to get this album in as many people's faces as possible.

We'll be touring proper through Europe early next year and, if we don't kill each other, a second album will be ready by the end of next year.

Scott Causer

Site - http://www.whitenoisesound.net


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