Review of Wake Up Single by White Light Parade*

Review of White Light Parade** single 'Wake Up'

White Light Parade* Wake Up Single

So impressed were the people at Rockstar Games with White Light Parade* that they put a remix of one of the band's songs on their hugely popular 'Grand Theft Auto IV' title. This single precedes the release of the band's debut LP in May.

Noel Gallagher as recently been quoted as saying that one of the benefits of a recession is that the quality of music improves as a reaction to the circumstances. Many of the songs on 'Definitely Maybe' were laced with escapism from mundane working-class life, very much the theme of this album highlight from WLP*. Built on the driving rhythm section of Nici Todd and Tom Emmett, sharp guitar parts are traded by brothers Danny and Jonno Yates on an anthem that encourages making something of your life. It was about fifteen years ago that Oasis declared on 'Cigarettes And Alcohol' that 'you've gotta make it happen' - this fine piece of indie-rock shows this quartet are doing exactly that while reaffirming the message.

Alex Lai

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