Review of Thank You, Goodnight Album by White Light Motorcade

White Light Motorcade

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White Light Motorcade’s ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ Album Review

White Light Motorcade’s

Thank You, Goodnight

Curious mix of Oasis, Nirvana and emo with garage rock thrown in for good measure. It’s passable but the problem it that White Light Motorcade sound like a lot of other NME-approved bands, although that may be being a bit harsh on them. Track 3 grabs your attention grabs you attention by being a slice of cheesy emo a la Goo Goo Dolls completely different from most of the rest of the album. The first thing that strikes you about the album when you first put it on is how much they sound like Oasis, which doesn’t say much good. The same goes for ‘We Come Together’ and ‘I Could Kick Myself’.

Music - White Light Motorcade’s ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ Review

On the other hand, I don’t think WLM know what they want their sound to be. Songs like Semi Precious put emo and garage rock together uneasily and I’m still undecided on the results. However, it isn’t all bad there are some good things like Weezer-like chorus from ‘I Could Kick Myself’. It may be a bit of a Nirvana rip-off but second track, ‘It’s Happening’ is catchy and good to bounce to. All in all, it’s a bit of a screwed up album with an upside down map for directions.