White Lies - Glastonbury Festival 2009

09 July 2009

White Lies - Interview Glastonbury Festival 2009

White Lies - Interview Glastonbury Festival 2009

White Lies Interview - Glastonbury Festival 2009

Contactmusic.com caught up with Harry, Charles and Jack from White Lies backstage at Glastonbury festival to find out about their performances at the festival, how they are finding their breakthrough year and plans for the future.

CM: White Lies, thanks for speaking to Contactmusic at Glastonbury.
Harry: No worries.

CM: How long have you been here guys?
Harry: We arrived here on Thursday night and we're leaving on Sunday after a performance at the Guardian lounge on Sunday lunch time.

CM: So that means you are performing every day. You did the big show on The Other Stage on Friday and you are playing at The John Peel Stage today then a Guardian show on Sunday.
Harry: Yes, we are so glad to have the Friday show behind us now, because we were so nervous. We found the prospect really intense, of playing on a big stage at the biggest festival in the world so the fact that the show was good is a result.

CM: Yes, I don't suppose you will ever play to a more diverse audience. I saw the show yesterday and from where I was standing it looked and sounded amazing and the crowd really enjoyed it.
It was February the last talked to you - what's been happening since then?
Jack: Since February it's just been solid touring for us really. We've been over to America, we've been all over Europe and we've been to Japan we've been everywhere really and it is all going well for us. It doesn't feel like we are doing anything that's too repetitive. I think bands can get disillusioned with their touring schedule when they feel like they are doing the same things again and again. We haven't had to do that which is really good.

CM: Out of all these places you have managed to get to recently is there any places that have really stood out to you?
Charles: We have recently just come back from southern Norway. It's called The Hove Festival, near Arendal in South Norway. That one was really special it really stood out for me. The festival itself is amazing the scenery and where we stayed were so picturesque and the seafood restaurants were to die for. That one is different to all the other festivals I have been to.

CM: What about Glastonbury chaps! Glastonbury is such a diverse festival of all 'performing arts' really not just music. Seeing as you are spending the weekend here is there any particular acts you want to see?
Harry: One thing we saw yesterday that we were eager to see was The Horrors which was a fantastic show. They struggled a little bit with this new album live to get the recordings to work live and to play them well but it really was an incredible show yesterday they are very much on top of those songs now. It really was quite amazing.
Charles: Other than that I really want to see Nick Cave on Sunday but I'll be at home by then so I can watch it on the TV which, in my opinion, is probably the best place to watch a lot of these performances from to be honest.
Jack: I'm looking forward to seeing my breakfast after this interview.

CM: Well I don't want to keep Jack from his breakfast for too long so I'll get on with it. Are you doing any preparation for your second album yet, any songs or ideas bubbling up?
Harry: At the moment it's just a bit of a distant dream. We still feel that there is a lot of leg in the first album. It probably won't be until 2010 that you hear any new music from us. When it does come to working on album number two we will probably write and record it quite quickly, turn it around quickly, so there definitely will be something out in 2010 but we don't write on the road and we are simply too busy at the moment.

CM: You have had such a successful year this year, what has been the highlight for you?
Harry: I think we have played some really special shows here in the UK, you know and it has been amazing to tour around the world also. I think we sometimes forget how things have evolved - at shows now the entire audience seems to know all the words to all the songs. When we did the recent UK tour we played the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow and that really stood out for me - we really did take the roof off the place.

CM: Unfortunately since we have been onsite at Glastonbury Michael Jackson has passed away. Do you mind me asking you about your thoughts on Michael Jackson, strictly as an artist really?
Harry: For me and Charles the first record we ever bought was Michael Jackson's History and we have always seen him as a legendary creator and performer. It was a sad day for music when he died but his legacy has certainly been diluted in recent years and his behaviour has kind of fuelled that which is a real shame but he kind of meant something to all of us, especially me and Charles and it is a sad day for music.

CM: Boys, have a great gig today, enjoy the rest of your festival and thank you very much for your time.

Site - http://www.whitelies.com


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