We thought White Lies had gone under to be perfectly honest – and so had plenty of others to be fair – but London’s favourite Editors imitators (themselves imitators of Interpol who themselves… you get the jist) have returned with a brand new track ‘Getting Even,’ ahead of the release of their third album Big TV, which is out on August 12th.

The record comes out on Fiction Records and will also be preceded by a first proper single, 'There Goes Our Love Again.' The album was apparently recorded with Ed Buller, who we here at Contact will always have a soft spot for thanks to his work with Suede in the early 90’s. Speaking of the new record, front man Harry McVeigh told the NME "It's still quite a full-on sound, it's just that with less guitars, and less of everything in general, you could hear things being played...Anyone that was into us from the start and has seen us develop is going to really bloody love this album."

We totally forgot about the group’s second album Ritual if we’re honest, but it turns out it did pretty well, making number three in the UK album charts and even breaking the US Billboard Top 100 at 95th spot! That beat 146th for 2009 debut To Lose My Life…, although that same record did top the UK album chart. Swings and roundabouts then really.

White Lies
Harry McVeigh at Glastonbury 2011. Doesn't he look happy.

White Lies
The album will be the group's third