White Lies worried they had forgotten how to write songs.

The British group spend so long on the road touring their old material, they were concerned they would be unable to complete the follow-up to debut LP 'To Lose My Life'.

Bassist Charles Cave said: "Even before we started the record, we were talking on the road going, 'f***ing hell, when are we going to get to write again?' I think we'd forgotten how to do it."

The group eventually penned new album 'Ritual' and now hope to emulate the success of US rockers Kings Of Leon.

Singer Harry McVeigh said: "I've been reading a lot about Kings Of Leon's career path. Whether you like them or not, they were on a perfect rise to the level they are at. With each record they've grown with popularity, and I think that's a really comfortable way to become one of the biggest bands in the world."

White Lies' - which also features drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown - 'Ritual' album is out now.