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Khloe Kardashian's Saucy Separation Plan

Khloe Kardashian wants to make a "solo sex tape".The socialite admits she has considered making a raunchy film to send to her husband, Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Lamar Odom, when he is away with...

P. Diddy Wants President Parent

P. Diddy wants to be adopted by US President Barack Obama. The 40-year-old rapper thinks America's first black leader is a great dad and he would be proud to be his son.P. Diddy - real...

Toby Jones: The Bad Guys Are The Best

Acclaimed British actor Toby Jones has admitted he relished playing controversial presidential guru Karl Rove in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.Rove was special adviser to Bush and his father during their many election campaigns...

By on 26 October 2008

Media Accused Of Uncritical Coverage Of Iraq War Buildup

A study conducted jointly by the Center for Public Integrity and the Fund for Independence in Journalism has concluded that the news media gave "deferential and uncritical" coverage to hundreds of false administration statements about...

Mason's Grandson Follows His Example

Late film icon JAMES MASON's grandson has decided to follow the NORTH BY NORTHWEST star's footsteps by becoming an actor. Eighties pop singer BELINDA CARLISLE's son JAMES MASON JR, 12, refuses to join his...

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