Review of You're Not Invincible EP by White Belt Yellow Tag

Review of White Belt Yellow Tag's debut EP 'You're Not Invincible'

White Belt Yellow Tag You're Not Invincible EP

The music industry is hard enough so when the likes of Radio Ones Zane Lowe is giving your music a lot of love, then you should grab it with both hands.

Former Yourcodenameis:milo Justin Lockey and Craig Pilbin are now White Belt Yellow Tag, and are set to release their debut release being a four track EP 'You're Not Invincible'.

Ironically, the opening track is the title track 'You're Not Invincible' which is like an appetizer into what White Belt Yellow Tag is all about. Palbin's vocals leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end through the whole of the track. 'News' starts to crank up the sounds a bit and Samples are added onto this but at this point you can see why Zane Lowe is such a big fan. These guys are thinking outside of the box, at last there is someone out there willing to stick their necks on the line and give something new a go.

'Picture All The Same' own so many sounds that you listen in disbelief that this track has been made by two guys. There is so much going on that you have to listen again and again because you hear something new on the fourteenth or even fifteenth listen, this is truly amazing. It's like 'Vampire Weekend' on crack! (Maybe not politically correct, oops)

The hardest thing to come to terms about this band is that they are a two-piece. They use samples in tracks without making you cringe because they do it so smooth.


Mark Moore

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