Review of Remains EP by White Belt Yellow Tag

Review of White Belt Yellow Tag's EP Remains

White Belt Yellow Tag Remains EP

White Belt Yellow Tag is a project that has been formed by former Yourcodenameismilo and Justin Lockey and Craig Pilbin, and the guys even use the services of former The Cooper Temple Clause man Tom Bellamy on the old drums when playing live.

This pair or trio whichever way you want to look at it release their new E.P 'Remains' which for some reason has three versions of the title track. Is that not what we would call a Single? Hmmm anyway out of the three versions the first one is the one to listen to with what can only be described as Mogwai influences with its deep and meaningful lyrics. It is apparent with 'Control, Designs and Innovations' that these guys are purely in it for the music and discard the fact of trying to write a number one record. Who can blame them with what is currently in the charts nowadays? It's a sad state of affairs really because this instrumental piece get the mind captured into another world and for three minutes and thirty seconds you are somewhere else.

Not worrying about the two remixes of remains the guys finish up with 'Dalliance' and there is that Depeche Mode sound to it and that has to be a great compliment to be had. Not as dark as Depeche Mode but you can feel this tack as a shiver runs down your spine.

It will be interesting to see where and how this project progresses.


Mark Moore

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