Review of Brainwashed Album by While She Sleeps

It's been a tough few years for While She Sleeps after the band's fighting form following their initial breakthrough was halted as Lawrence Taylor had to undergo career saving surgery on his vocal chords and will have to again next month. 

While She Sleeps Brainwashed Album

The band entered the music scene in 2012 with debut album 'This Is the Six' and smashed the metalcore music scene, winning best British newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards and were also involved in 2012's incredible Kerrang Tour alongside New Found Glory, The Blackout and letlive. 

But with their second studio album 'Brainwashed' due to be released this month, While She Sleeps are back with a record that has truly defined them as a band. 

The album opens with the 52 second intro song 'The Divide', made up of the sound of crowd of people talking that gets louder and louder as the seconds tick by. This builds up anticipation for the rest of the album and suddenly, it cuts off, before exploding into the roaring 'New World Torture'.  

'Brainwashed', which serves as both a song and the title of the album, is an explosion of sound with intense drum beats, incredible guitar riffs and catchy vocals, perfectly complemented with breakdowns that you can imagine will blow up in a live venue.  It is a statement, and one of the best tracks on the album, and proves to the world why While She Sleeps is one of the best UK metalcore bands there is. 

'Kangezu Neu' is the complete opposite to what you'd expect on a WSS album. The song is not even a minute and a half in length, and consists of just a piano riff and actualities, with the occasional electric guitar sound in the background. This then moves seamlessly into 'Life In Tension' which is another of the best tracks on the album, and will serve to be one of the fans' favourites when released. 

'Modern Minds' is the perfect close to the album. Abandoning the chaotic metalcore tone that is weaved throughout the rest of the album, this is more of a heartfelt, soulful track. It's one of those that can be played over and over, and with the mix of metalcore combined with the occasional piano riff, it complements the rest of the many amazing tracks that are featured on 'Brainwashed'. 

Three quarters of the way through the song, an acoustic part kicks in that sounds as if it's been recorded in an empty room, accompanied by various footstep actualities. The closing song is a summary of just what While She Sleeps can do and an experiment that clearly pays off. The album as a whole is something the band and their fans will be proud of. 

The band commented that the release of the album will define While She Sleeps; and they were right. 


Sophie Brannon

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