Westlife and So Solid Crew's on-going feud spilled onto a basketball court as the two bands clashed during a charity game.

According to a report in THE MIRROR, a war of words broke out between Westlife's Kian Egan and So Solid's Asher D at the Dunk 'N' Funk celebrity basketball tournament that took place at Crystal Palace, London on Sunday (30MAR03). Rapper Asher D - who was jailed for 18 months for possessing a gun - took a dislike to 22-year-old Egan after the two jostled.

A witness said, "Asher was really harassing him during the game and wouldn't leave Kian alone. He really had it in for him.

"Asher threatened Kian and it all turned a bit nasty. Dane Bowers, who's a good friend of the Westlife boys, was actually on the So Solid team - and he was so disgusted with Asher's behaviour that he walked off.

"At one point, Kian shouted at Asher, 'You're a w*****!' Asher shouted back, 'I'll see you outside!'

"Everyone could see their argument was going to end in a fracas, so the officials were forced to intervene. Security men pulled both teams off court to allow them to cool down. No one was hurt in the end but it was a really close call."

Kian said, "It all got really competitive and heated on the court. But we settled our differences afterwards."

A spokesperson for Asher said, "There was a bit of argy-bargy. Things got heated and people were getting hot under the collar.

"But it was all in the name of sport and they shook hands afterwards."

The two acts battled at last year's Brit Awards after Westlife's BRYAN McFADDEN threw a drink at the 30-strong garage-outfit.