Former Westlife hunk Brian McFadden is adamant that he was drug-free when he slept with a lapdancer on his stag night, weeks before he married his wife KERRY.

The Irish singer, whose solo single REAL TO ME is currently topping the UK singles chart, paid stripper AMY BARKER a lump sum in July this year (04) to prevent a public court battle over what happened on his 2001 stag night.

But he says, "The whole thing about the court case was that I was not denying that I knew her, because everyone knows that it did happen, but then she said that I'd taken cocaine.

"And I'd had a blood test for a medical a week after my stag night and that was the proof in the pudding that I didn't have any cocaine in my blood.

"We settled out of court - we were just suing each other for false accusations - so we just settled."

15/09/2004 21:41