Irish acts Westlife, Imelda May and Jedward welcomed U.S. President Barack Obama to their native country with a special concert held in his honour.
The U.S. President and his wife Michelle visited the Emerald Isle on Monday (23May11) and were treated to a concert by some of Ireland's biggest stars at College Green, Dublin.
Over 20,000 fans showed up to see the free show, which was followed by a speech from Obama.
Pop siblings John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward, even scored an invitation to visit the Obamas at the White House.
In a series of posts on, the duo writes: "We met Barack Obama, it was a moment that will go down in History for Jedward. We were talking to Barack Obama about the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.
"When we saw Michelle Obama we gave her a Jedward Hug and we were talking about going to the White House to meet her daughters. We can't wait to go to the White House!"