West Wing actress NICOLE ROBINSON has vowed to support Jennifer Lopez when her dog lawsuit goes to court - as she is the pooch's new owner.
Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony were sued earlier this month (Nov09) by flight attendant Lisa Wilson, who claims she has suffered serious back problems after the couple's German Shepherd, Floyd, knocked her over on the pair's private jet.
Wilson, who filed legal papers at New York's Brooklyn Federal Court, insists the 2006 incident would never have happened if the dog was better trained.
However, Floyd has one person who is willing to stand up for his character in court - Robinson, who bought the dog from K-9 security outfit in South Carolina in 2007 following a robbery at her New York apartment.
Anthony previously bought the pooch from the company, but later returned him.
And Robinson and her husband Craig Snyder insist there is no way Floyd would have acted aggressively.
Snyder tells the New York Daily News, "I will go to court to defend Floyd's honour. You can get security dogs for half or one-third of the price, but to me those dogs would pose a risk to my family.
"Cheaper dogs are not trained to distinguish between a real threat and a kid who pulls their tail. (This) dog is 100 per cent peace of mind.
"Floyd acts like a big baby puppy who just wants to be loved."