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Dear Wentworth,I really wish you'd read the comments people write you so u would know how special u are, I never felt this way about any actor before, I know its impossible to get a reply from u, so I would just wish u the best, the woman that will have you will be the luckiest woman in the whole world. Your personality is perfect from what I read, u have the most beautiful eyes

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by SS45

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Hi, it's me a girl from Turkey...I saw you in my dream yesterday, we were talking English..( There were Turkish in my dreams. I was telling about me to you...How much ı desire you? We were eating lunch together and talking...But i was afraid to touch to you...Then ı asked you to touch and hug you..You said ofcourse no matter...You gave me a hug and i was wrapped you closely. You are always smiling to me...it was wonderful to see you...But it was just a dream. I heard from a video of you said that im reading comments but i cant answer.Why dont you? I wish there was a site that we can converse with you...I love you so much you cant guess. Im 27. you are 10 years older me...By the way you dont seem you r 37. I have a friend in manhaten in America... I asked him to contact you and requested you a signed pic for me...Thanks God that you are popular If you werent i couldnt know you. Lastly i suppose that there is a reflection on you from God's beauty...We believe that ppl have beauties of God...You have much more than everybody has :)Who knows how is going to be your children ? They would be wonderful kids. Lucky them :) circumambages I dont wanna bother you...Take care of yourself.

Posted 12 years 1 month ago by Wenty

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Hi, I wish you would read these...İm from Turkey. I know that whether ı write ı love you or not, it doesnt interest you.Because you have many fans. Im one of these... It is a very bad thing to dream a man who you cant meet or see him. To know and thing this makes me angry...There are many ppl who has a chanca to see you. I wish i could be one of them.But ı know this wont :( I believe that my big God created you special...I examined your every part of your body. oyur hands, your fingers, your eyebrows, your lips, your ears, your feet,...etc. They are all gorgeous. Of course you are aware of your appearance...Because of this you have to thank god... I have learned every features of you, your hobbies your horoscope...etc. on the net. if they are true...I imagine that i am any body for you but you are my only unapproachable man.You dont konw anything about me, but ı do. So, in fact words fail me..Who konows may be you cant even read this... Anyway you have a worth to write here and to go on love you...I hope you are going to aware of my sayings. Maybe not in this world but we will meet afterdeath... yours affectionately...

Posted 12 years 1 month ago by Wenty

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Hey Wentworth, it's me the guy from Trinidad who sent all those posters to the prison-break actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. to fox studio... I sent enough right? I don't want fighting amongst you all now yer hear? I need autographs from my favorite people...yes t-bag too. so I'm waiting...very ...very patiently people. I just now bought "prison-break final" so I'm going to watch it in a while. well so far I'm so disappointed in t-bag, he was given so many chances but "no" he want to touch.( he hand fass) I'm sorry Belleck is gone (but not ever, ever forgotten)I can't believe Michael is gone even after all his sacrifices. could you imagine the bond or friendship possible, it would been at the end of it all between michael, sara,linc ,sucre,t-bag,c-note, mahone, belleck etc. even me too!

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by hayden

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i love you even though its very possible we will meet someday and somehow, but the first time i watch you in prison break i very much addicted i watch the whole season in one week. take care of yourself i hope to see you soon.

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by pilipina

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Hi Wentworth Miller.How are you ? Hows going with life ?Daaamn bro now i know that who m i gonne write to ,i mean now i know that (WENTWORTH MILLER)is you hahaha.Im sorry if i botherd you bro ,but you gotta know that im one the biggest fan of you man i really like you too much and i liked your moves in Prison Break daamn you was sooo hard .I wish i was there when you were making that movie just to see you and shake a hand with you and be alil bit near to you ,Im a man and im not a girl you dont have to think another way , all right?Man is talking to you and im too far from you bro i wish you i could see you just for a second and then i`ll buy death it aint gonne be problem .I been waiting all my life and i still waiting for being an acture like you but i cant be because im living in a hell i mean Iraq . Im kurd i live in Kurdistan - Iraq thats why i cant do any thing i wish i was your friend . Now i know it that you 36 years old that means you are older than because im 23 years old . Im a young man with too many dreams but none of them become true, i wish you can help me with any thing because i know you can and you can send me back please michael to my E-mail : [email protected] Im not married , i have 3 brothers,2 of them are older than me and one is younger than me, and i have 5 sisters 2 of them are older than me but one of them got married 6 years ago she got two beautifule kids ,all of them are sick of this life i mean we all .Maybe you can help me only if you send me back .I love you tooooo much , ((brothers love)).Greetz from my friends and family to you and your family.Wish you be able to help me get up just for a second ,then i will help my family.Thank you very much and i wish you reed my message and replay me . One of my dream is being an acutre.But in IRAQ nothing can happen because we all know about the situations in here . Nothing happened and nothing good will happen even in the future.So you can be my only chance .I wish i be closser to you bro .Have a great time and wish you great life .Please accept my request.

Posted 13 years 1 month ago by Real name is Sowar

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i didnt post that comment :S:S :@:@ who did ?? anyways went is a gr8 actor !

Posted 13 years 1 month ago by aoun abu anzeh

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He is a great actor!!The serie he is starring in is more than amazing..he is so beautiful...but he is just another human being,nothing the super natural....xxxps.i would like to apologise for my poor english..

Posted 13 years 5 months ago by spawndreamer

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godamm it, who are all this ladies fighting over my man, please you ladies need to back off. anyway wenty, don't listen to them ok, is about you and i and i can bet you, my kind of woman we are but a few in the whole face of earth. please don't miss vicky ok? you are so cool, is amzing how i fell for you. i actually do dream about you, and guess what, you are my screen saver. contact me ok.i will be expecting you.

Posted 13 years 6 months ago by mrswentworth

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omg how much i love wenty is the master of coolest i hate everyone says that went is gay 'cuase he is not nevermind man they're stupid enough to beleive that stupid charge u r soooooooo yaaaammmmmmmmyyyyyy man

Posted 13 years 6 months ago by wentywow

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hi am aya wentowrth issssss nooooooooooooootttttttt gay anyone is gonna put wenty in this charge he will go to the hell wenty is realy coooool guy "the bad people think all the people are bad like them" nevermind wentowrth they are sick people big kisssss for u man i love u soooooo much man don't listen to them keep up man u'r great

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by wentywow

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trying to get in touch with miller. hope your reading when your on the telly or we watch the dvds my 8 month old daughter gets excited hope you respond to this.luv caz &selena cute arse or what.xx

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by cazza

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i love miller phow

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by cazza

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i dont know if u see this,but i m a girl from rumania how really loves u ...i know its imposible to see u but a hope all my life after you...u are my idol.....i hope a mail a mesage to see my picture and may be we will tock sometimes...i doont know saw good to rhite but u are a verry smart guy and u under stand me...:)my email: [email protected] pls sow me u are real...plssssss

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by toea corina

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Wentworth I have to say that if ever you are in England for whatever reason please please please stop by, I would live to get in contact with you, you are so perfectly gorgeous it is unbelievable you have all the women in my family as well as me going crazy over you you are soo cute and I am sure you have th personality to match your striking good looks.

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by sugar lips

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Please marry me wentworth, I love you sooooo much, you are just too GORGEOUS, I would also really, really love to meet you even though I will have to fly from England but that does not matter because to me you are sooooo worth it.

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by sugar lips

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Wentworth is sooo GORGEOUS, it's true what everone is saying about him, he makes me go crazy whenever I see him on the tele or in magazines.I am still hoping that one day I will meet him, he is sooo BEAUTIFUL I love the way his character operates on Prison Break, it makes him even more SEXY. UMM UMM UMM.WHAT A MAN!

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by sugar lips

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hi all.. just wana let you guys know that i had sent a b'day gift to wentworth last year..the week of his bday. I got the address from the internet, on one of his many fan-webpages. It was actually directed to his agent but i took the risk aniways and sent a lil souvenir from my very small country Fiji. I sent it thru courier and upon tracking it down, it was received by this guy.. so I wasn't rilly sure whether he was going to receive it or not.. but i felt good aniways for doing it coz like all of u's.. m a big fan! anihoo.. well i forgot bout it.. till about 2 months later i received a courier from the US.. it was an A4 sized envelope. thought it might have been a mail from a friend in the US and surprisingly when i opened it, it was a signed autograph of Wentworh himslef..written nicely with a felt tip pen on a sexy pic of him.. he writes "Dear Vahine.. thanks & be good.. WM" .. I could say that was one of the best days of my life.. hehe.. i dunno if that was rilly him that signed that or his agent.. but it sure made my day.. I've got that signed pic framed and hangin in our living room.. lol.. so yeah if u want the address.. holla @ me on [email protected]

Posted 14 years 1 week ago by Vahine

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hi wentworth i like u sooooooooo match ur my beast thing of my life plz ineed to talk with u i need ur e-mil i have alot of pctcher of u.if u love ur fans anser plz plz plz i went to alot ofwebsit to find ur e_mil or pctcher or any think and u dont know about all this i kaer alot of u realy ur my beast think in my life plz anser.x

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by tayamo

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plz wentworth i need ur replay on [email protected] i look like u jst exactly like u you'e go to c me add me or replay at [email protected] i will be thank fullyou're aoun i love you man you're the best i swear :Danybody think he will c ths ?? sb tell me plz :)

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by aoun abu anzeh

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some body tell me how to e-mail wentworth miller pleas help guys i loke like him excatlly like him wish you see this wentworth you've got 2 c me man i love u !!

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by aoun abu anzeh

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God went is gorge!! :D

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Ash-ling

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he`s soooo damnnn hot!!!!i want him!!!kisssres 4 u went!!!

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by hot girl

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I want to meet Wentworth. I dream him every night. I do not want to arouse already for I know I can be for him only in my dreams.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by Bistra

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I love yo! went!

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by lovewent

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I was wondering if there`s a web where some of his appearances are shared and we could go and watch him or we could just be informed where he is or in which show he will be interviewed.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by Klara

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Even if this guy played a goofy role like Ace Ventura women would still be in love with him. Let's face it, Wentworth Miller is a very good looking man. He's also well-educated and well-traveled, so he's not just another pretty face...I'm sure his mind is as stimulating as the rest of him. And the fact that he is still single is mind-blowing, to say the least. Wentworth, my measurments are 38-25-40...LOL

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by Canadian Gurl

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I am from Bulgaria, and I want to say only:I love Miller!He is ...

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by nadia 21

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Wentworth is drop dead gorgeous. I have never seen such beauty in my entire life, and I am 33. I have never worshiped an actor before, but this guy, mmmmm... He makes me climax whenever I see him on the screen. I would love to meet him. I am sure he is a great guy, nice and simple. Wentworth if you ever read this message, come to Switzerland and meet me. We have alot in common.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by babe1973

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Hi, my name is Wetweeze and i love Wentworth Miller. I think i am addicted to him in fact, i (wet) dream about him every night.......

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by Wetweeze

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WOW, Wentworth Miller is the hottest, sexiest man on Plant Earth. That piercing stare with THOSE EYES, that sultry look on his face, that controlled voice, that toned body...I could go on for ever. Wentworth is not only drop-dead gorgeous but also intelligent, gifted and appears to have impeccable manners and morals. My heart skips a beat everytime I think of him and his pictures say a thousand words. I'm in love with this guy, and would love to meet him. Stinky - if you are reading (LOL!) please please please come to England soon. I want you so much. x x x

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by Mrs Wentworth Miller

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i love you went pls come and visit philippines sometimes. i wanna date you.Ü

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by kathryn, philippines

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Wentworth is the most gorgeus man I have ever laid my eyes on. I would love to meet him and stay with him forever. He is just so sexy and hot. Everytime I watch Prison Break I just get lost in those beautiful eyes of his and it is absolutely heartbreaking to think that he is so far away and I might never actually see him. Why shouldn't I be upset? He is the man of my dreams and SO much more...

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by sassy Li

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I feel foolish writing a comment, but what the heck! I agree that Wentworth is gorgeous,and an exceptional actor. I can't beleive that he's just two years younger than I am, he looks like he's in his twenties. bye now ! from one of Wents Canadian fans....

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by Lylablue

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i love wentworth so much hes so sexy i dream about him every minute i wish he was mine

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by hamda

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hey, wentworth is so fit i love prison break and i have the dvds now he's so god dame hot that i love to meet him he's a good actor and i have seen some of the films he has made people you should watch them there good. he's bloody bloody sexy.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by wentworth numbe...

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Yes I would have too agree he has the most amazing eyes in the world...His smile is amazing too... And he is Just a lovely lovely Man

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Crista

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Silly girls!How can you love someone, who don't even know you?And you don't know him too...So,better think about that!!(most büszke vagyok magamra:-)))

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Anonym

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Happy birthday, Wentworth.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by LadyBass

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hi u probabley think i'm a kid well i kind of am i'm 13 going 14 and i'v been reading about u and a pretty good back ground i like english too because you can often express ur self. and i'm really feel for u because lady don't send u sexy mail but in a way that a good thing some people might be after u because of ur money and ur good looks . three of my aunts think ur buff when they came to see me we all cudel up on the sofer just to watch u. if i was 20 or something i would send u sourcey mail. and i'm a ig fan tell ur directure that if they replace u not alot of people will watch prison break i'm from england and live i milton keynes do you ever come to england

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by booty babe

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oh my jolly god!!! wentworth is the most sexist man i have ever set my eyes on EVER!! wot he needs is a essex bird (uk) and he wont want to leave me as i would give it all to him! so wentworth if u do read this and u want some fun with a 25yrs sexy essex girl then get in contact with your no1 fan shelleycareyxxxxx

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by WENT IS FIT AS

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HI im more interested to kno if wentworth actually reads these? or is this jus to get us girls all hot an bothered thinkin he does??? would the sexist man alive really be takin time out to read these? as much as were sad to write them (me included)! But we all can dream cant we and what a dream we can have bout this lush babe.Boy id liked to of known him b4 he was famous but thats y were on this cuz he is! an we could only ever imagine meetin him for real but we hav the t.v as thats next best thing!! i agree with all the comments that he is sexy! very an those eyes oooooo!! but r we all falling for his character's that he plays inhis roles! just incase you do read these comments good luck inlife! xxxx hunni bex

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by hunnibex

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Hey Wentworth, So you want sassy emails yeah? Well I won't massage your ego but i will say this. Your beautiful eyes sets my bones on fire, your kiss me lips disturbs my equilibrum and yours sexy voice challenges my self control. All in all you set of my pacemaker. I do hope that this is sassy enough to rock your world but then again you are fine and you know it. Ps. Make yourself move accessible for your sassy fans.

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by hotilus

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wentworth miller is a really great actor and he iz really cute when he iz acting in the show prison break

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by troublez

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i have recently started watching the show and i have missed out big time! it's a wonderfully made show with an excellent cast and wentworth is a superb actor. some of the fans say they love you, they dont really it's the character they love.but who wouldn't it's a great one. i prefer the softer side of you the real wentworth miller! and i've only found out today that you were born in england so i'm sending love from england and from all the girls on the 1st floor of kendals x x

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by blue moon manch...

blue moon manchester uk's picture

ilove went the most so screw you guys he's all mine. you other fans dont understand i no every thing about him to his beautiful blue eyes. if went ever saw this trust me im hot like u. i have 45 poster s of u. your a great actor like me. my show will be screening soon after prison break next seson. so just watch out. my dream is to meet u . even though im an actor i still do this stuff. my sis almost loves you more than me. but i disagree. i love u. your face makes me so happy i pause the t.v all the time and my name was in the epesoid with Nika. i love how u said my name. you are very preety. i love u went i no we will be together soon or meet. i have plans/conections. my sweet heart and i will enjoy our hoonnnnyyymmmoooonnn . you no what goes on there. it will be in a tropical area. we will name our first son Demitri. trust me we will have mannyyyy more. because youll want more .

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by mrs. Miller the...

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omg those eyes makes me melt , so intense and the lips ( rolling eyes) seems the only thing i look out for is his eyes and lips. hes got this ability to make eyes focus on him . wentworth is damn sexy! if it was a crime to be tht sexy bet he will stay in the prison 4eva hehe

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by Fantasia

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i love wentywenty loves mewe're real happy having sex regurlywith a hump hump hereand a feely thereoeh now he's in my underwear

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by mrs miller

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i love wentywenty loves mewe're real happy having sex regurlywith a hump hump hereand a feely feely thereoeh now he's in my underwear

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by mrs miller

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mmm.....wentworth....enough said

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by JayNae

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tou know, i can't believe he's 33. i honestly thought he was only around 23-27 and i'm generally pretty good at guessin ages. he's just such a studmuffin grrrrrrr. i'm so lucky to be married to him ah

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by mrs miller

mrs miller's picture

hahahah, imagine if wentworth ( ahem, my hubby) read all of this.btw i also fell in love with him when i saw the mariah carey's video clip but the one before "we belong together" can't remember what it's called.

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by mrs miller

mrs miller's picture

I agree with all the women hia that he's one if the sexiest man alive, but the best thing about him is his HUMILTY.. on screen & off coz for someone so hot & popular, he keeps a low profile. Wenty, if you ever get to read this, keep that personality & humility coz thats wat shines within you, & ur looks is icing to the cake..If you ever gona visit Fiji Islands (thats if u even kno wea that is), Holla Ok??xoxo - Me

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by Vahine

Vahine's picture

This guy is damn hot and I'll be damned if anyone disagrees. I'm married and I have his pics all over as my wallpaper (wish I had him all over and not just his pic) I'm speechless. all i have to say is this guy is f'ng HOT!

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by villeness

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Girls…guys…girls! Get a grip for god sakes.The only sexy bit on this man is his eyes, nothing else. He isn’t really sexy or has enough sex appeal in any other way. Not in a way real man does.Dominic…for instance.

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by Gibson

Gibson's picture

Wow.... Wentworth Miller is the hottest man alive i know Matthew McConaughey was voted one year but Wentworth beats him out of the water in hottness I'm so excited that Prison Break is on tonight!!! i have been dying to watch it... and i can't wait until the DVD Seasons come out!! Guess who's buying 4 haha just kidding.....Wentworth YOU ARE THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE and i would do anything just to meet you!!!!

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by Shawtie

Shawtie's picture

I feel like I am in highschool again...Not only am I kiddy about this man, but the more I read about him, I am drawn to him. Any man with such intelligence...I could only imagine the great late-night conversations...how unbelievably sexy...I cannot believe you did not make the cover of "the sexiest man alive" However, I searched the entire magazine to find your picture...I hope you realize your fans need more of you...like a primetime show with Barbara Walters...George Cluney has NOTHING on you. Those eyes and shaved head...the videos with Mariah Carey...God, You have the total package...God help the lucky girl who could at least win even just one date with you...I know I wish it were me!!!!! Dinner and drinks, anyone???

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by mamacita

mamacita's picture

hi its me again. this is just a quick email to tell wentworth miller that i love him and that i so wish we could be together. i just really wanna be with him. i think ge is gorgeous and really sexy. i hope we could meet up sometime. i hope you read this wenty. catch you later sexy babes!!!love from your biggest fanHB

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by Hol B

Hol B's picture

wentworth is so sexy will 2 to johnny depp ijust want to eat him and he is biracial that is so sexy and he is sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by mrs d.p.m

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Posted 15 years 9 months ago by angelwings

angelwings's picture

I love him so much. His eyes are to die for they are so beautiful. His smile is just makes me want to melt. I would go out with you Wentworth,you are awesome. Keep on acting it's what you're good at. I am your number one biggest fan. YOU SEXY!!!

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by arm15_jchs

arm15_jchs's picture

I think wentworth miller is an awesome actor.I have seen all of his movies,just to check them out.Prison Break is a awesome show!

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by arm15_jchs

arm15_jchs's picture

I can't remember a time I was more infactuated with an Actor. I was drawn to his show when I saw him, but was even more facinated when I found out he was multiracial and a Princeton grad. I can't begin to explain how I felt when I found out he went to high school in the same town where I was born. I wish him much success, and can't wait to see more of him.

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by SewickleyGirl

SewickleyGirl's picture

Not suprized one bit to find a Princeton grad behind the cute face. Great Actor but acting will all that education, why?

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by m.purcell

m.purcell's picture

He´s an amazing actor!, the acting is natural in him, is a wonderful actor and a simple man. I congratulate him! =) [email protected]

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by Latingirl

Latingirl's picture

If you love Wentworth, don't forget to check out Underworld. He's only in it for about a minute, but its a damn sexy minute. I just can't get enough. (Although, and most of you won't like this, I thought he sucked on Popular)

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by MMM MMM MMM

MMM MMM MMM's picture

Okay i think Wentworth is the all time hottest guy ever and no one will ever take his place.See in him as a guy sent from heaven and that he is.if you read this keep that smile on your face plzsincerly Angel

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by tigergirl19842000

tigergirl19842000's picture

WOW !!!! Not only is Wentworth Miller a talented actor. He is like the most beautiful man that has ever existed and will exist on earth.

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by lifesangel4u

lifesangel4u's picture

Wentworths eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! Dark Green with a hint of light green and a circle of gold tracing it. It's beautiful. I have to say that guys who have prettier eyes than I eye are downright sinful. I love your show Wentworth, you're an awesome actor. Thanks!

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by sunshineallgood

sunshineallgood's picture

I do agree with you all; Wentworth Miller is a beautiful person. But, I think that the reason that I am attracted to his show so much is his phenomenal acting ability. You can tell that he pays attention to the details of things. I guess we are lucky that not only do we get to watch one amazingly gorgeous guy for an hour, but, we also get a damn good show out of it. I just can't say enough about him.

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by dreamer

dreamer's picture

He just makes me speechless - those eyes - that make me melt smile - What a knock out

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by Hot~4~WWM

Hot~4~WWM's picture

I first saw Wentworth in the human stain, being of mixed race myself his character really irritated me, but even then he was irresistable. I love prison break it is my absolute favorite show. I hope they have a long run. I wish him the best of luck.

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by xtinalatina559

xtinalatina559's picture

All you girls are right Wentworth is the hottest guy around right now!!! I can't take my eyes of the tv when Prison Break is on. The show is great and he does such a wonderful job playing Michael.

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by c-note

c-note's picture

All i want is 15 minutes with Wentworth, but i don't know if i could let him go!

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by Randi112384

Randi112384's picture

I have to say this man is THE most beautiful person I have ever set my eyes on. It would be a true dream to meet this guy. If his personality is ANYTHING like it is on prison break im even more head over heals for him..he is crazy good looking but I really fell for his character.

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by mustlovememories

mustlovememories's picture

Wow.. Glad to have found this site. Wentworth has me spinning he is so hot! I love love Prison Break! I used to work in the prisons and the detail of this show is right on. It is amazing how beautiful a man can be and also just nail such stoic acting. I crave the next episode!!!! It is a freaking amazing show!! I hope it continues for many many seasons!!

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by surfergirlie

surfergirlie's picture

I wonder what they call him for short...Went? Wenti? Worth? W? WW? That's the first thing that stuck out for me, his unusual name. It's what originally got me hooked on Prison Break. Well, that, and, of course, his awesome acting. I can't quite placer my finger on it; he's just...phenomenal. Sorry, I just read a quote that he said, and he used that word. But it's true! He's a wonderful actor! And he goes really well with that female actress that plays the doctor--I can't remember her name. Anyone who hasn't seen the show definitely needs to begin watching it.

Posted 15 years 12 months ago by Broken Answers

Broken Answers's picture

He is awesome on Prison Break: Without him, it just wouldn't fly. This guy is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15 years 12 months ago by dianna_pistol

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Wentworth is a very very handsome guy. He is gorgeous. I cant wait til prison break comes on again. He is mad sexy!!!

Posted 15 years 12 months ago by sweetassevil

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He is so dang beautiful in prison break it's like watching prime time porn. Wow is he gorgeaous!!!

Posted 16 years 1 day ago by RandiBelle

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Wenty is a sexy beast!

Posted 16 years 2 weeks ago by bf

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Wentworth Miller

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