Wendy Williams ''couldn't even fake'' enthusiasm while working from home.

The 55-year-old TV star initially filmed 'The Wendy Williams Show' at home amid the coronavirus lockdown, and though the programme is now on hiatus after her chronic Graves' disease flared up, Wendy hated the at-home experience.

A source told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''She's miserable. She didn't like filming from home. She couldn't even fake it.''

However, Wendy's at-home experience hasn't dampened her enthusiasm to return to work once it's safe to do so.

The insider explained: ''There are no plans to resume at-home shows ... If it takes a while, they'll revisit it, but hopefully, it won't be long [until they can get back in her studio].

''She really is eager to get back to the studio. There are plans underway, but they're waiting for guidance from the city.''

Wendy recently insisted she is keen to get back to work, as she admitted ''nothing makes [her] happier'' than hosting her show.

In a video posted to Instagram, Wendy explained: ''I'm waiting for the state of New York to say that we as a show can go back.

''We got 200 people in our audience, we'll never have that again. But I want to go back to do our show.

''Nothing makes me happier than to be Wendy on 'The Wendy Show'. What I want the most is to be with you. I miss you. I miss you a lot.''

Meanwhile, a spokesperson has said that if Wendy is unable to film until the end of 2020, she ''may revisit'' remote episodes.

The spokesperson shared: ''The goal is to be back in the studio as soon as we are allowed. If that is delayed until later in the year, we may revisit the at-home shows.''