Released on the 22nd of July, the album shifted an impressive 104,000 copies in its first week according to figures released by Nielsen SoundScan, but the man behind parody songs including 'Eat It' and 'Amish Paradise' still can't quiet believe his luck. Weird Al has been in the music business for over thirty years, his first album ""Weird Al" Yankovic" released back in 1983. He's come a long way since then, but his reaction to finally landing a Number 1 with his fourteenth studio album was characteristically down to earth. 

Weird Al

"It's still hard for me to wrap my head around that," Yankovic said in an interview. "It means a lot to me."

Many consider Weird Al the king of parody music, and certainly he's the first musician to nab the coveted top spot with a comedy album since Allan Sherman's in 1963 with 'My Son, The Nut'. However, in an age where anyone with a camera and an internet connection can become the next parody viral superstar, Yankovic had to think outside the box for his latest release, which was two years in the making. 

He stepped up to the mark with an eight day charm offensive that saw him release one music video a day for tracks from his new album, including a parody of Pharrell's 'Happy' entitled 'Tacky' and a fight song spoof called 'Sports Song'.  "I realized that the Internet was pretty much where my bread was buttered," said Al. "I wanted to do something that would appeal to the online community and things on the Internet go viral quick." It certainly worked - the videos have been viewed collectively over 40 million times on Youtube.

Al shows no signs of slowing down either, and said that the rise of parody videos won't deter him. "All it does really for me is, it means I need to step up my game, make sure that I can rise above the crowd and I won't always go for the most obvious idea. I'll have to make myself a little bit more unique."

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