‘Weird Al’ Yankovic is back at it again, but it might just be for the last time in a long time. The master of pop parodies spent the past couple of days hyping up an announcement, and finally let the news out with a tweet him dressed in a Russian-style military outfit with text that says “July 15.” So, a new album is coming – his first since his 2011 release, Alpocalypse - but what in the world does the uniform have to do with anything? He’s ‘Weird Al’ for a reason though, so it won’t be long until everything (kind of) starts to make sense.

Weird Al Showtime'Weird Al' will release his new album on July 15

As for his final album, it’s something that’s only been speculated, but the upcoming record is going to be the last of his current record contract. Yankovic addressed the rumors in a blog post last year, stating, “if you were led to believe that I’m planning on retiring anytime soon, I’m not (sorry, haters). I truly love what I do, and if I ever stop working, it won’t be of my own free will.” It doesn’t seem like he’s planning to call it quits anytime soon, but why should he anyway? On July 15, the album released will be his fifteenth of his career, so there’s really no point to stop now, right? Especially since there’s so many new songs to make fun of all the time!

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With that said, there’s no information yet on what parodies we might see on the upcoming record, but according to TMZ, ‘Weird Al’ pleaded with the current number one chart-topper Iggy Azalea to take on one of her tracks. At KS107.5's Summer Jam in Colorado a few weeks back, she allegedly agreed to it, and the song in question may just be Iggy’s hit, ‘Fancy.’ Additionally, comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted out that he’s in “awe” after listening to his new album, and that he parodies a band that Oswalt’s worshipped since the 90’s.

Weird Al SimpsonsThe new Weird Al album is supposedly going to parody Iggy Azalea

Hmm. Foo Fighters? Smashing Pumpkins? Whoever the band is, there surely won’t be any shortage of parodies of older songs and newer ones. ‘Weird Al’ covers all sides of the spectrum. With Alpocalypse, he had his best material to date on tracks like ‘Polka Face’ and ‘Party in the CIA,’ but we can’t forget the classics like ‘Amish Paradise’ and ‘White & Nerdy.’ What parodies would we want to see the most on the new album? Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ could be re-imagined as a Star Wars song as ‘Dark Force,’ and One Republic’s ‘Counting Stars’ can be an ode to cheating casinos as ‘Counting Cards.’ Eh? EH? Okay, maybe not. But that’s why I’m not the professional here. When ‘Weird Al’ drops his new album in just a couple of weeks, it’ll be pretty obvious why he’s the one that’s been in the game for 30 years doing what he does, and not anybody else.

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