Weird Al Yankovic is back in the public spotlight having been on tour this week and also debuting the video for his new track, the Lady GaGa parodying 'Polka Face.'

Perhaps the most successful music parody artist of all time Weird Al released his 13th studio album 'Alpocalypse' this summer; the album features parodies including 'Party In The CIA' - spoofing Miley Cyrus'S 'Party In The USA' and 'Perform This Way' - another homage to GAGA. 'Polka Face' however sees a mash-up of some 14 recent pop hits including, of course, 'Poker Face,' but also tracks by Britney Spears, Kesha and Taio Cruz, among others.

The track, delivered in a polka style sees a video of various cartoon animations and Weird Al has been taking it live this week, The AV Club reporting that a taping of the Toronto leg of his 'Alpocalypse' tour appeared on Comedy Central last night (1/10.) As well as tracks from the recent album, Weird Al also delved into his back catalogue, playing classic parodies like 'White & Nerdy,' - a parody of 'Ridin' by Chamillionaire, and 'Fat,' a great take on Michael Jackson'S 'Bad.'

The 'Alpocalypse' tour travels through America throughout October and into November, taking in a mammoth 24 dates finishing up in Los Angeles on November 12th.