Weird Al Yankovic’s latest parody album Mandatory Fun took Number 1 on the Billboard album chart this week, proving that a devoted fanbase still counts for something. With sharp parodies of hits from the past year – most notably, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Pharrell Williams’ Happy – the album was released July 15 through Way Moby and RCA Records, and sold 104,000 copies in the week ending July 20, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al is coming for your album sales.

Weird Al’s win marks a record of sorts – the first comedy album to hit Number 1 since Allan Sherman topped the bill in 1964 with My Son, The Nut. It’s also Weird Al’s first Billboard Number 1. Ever.

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We’re not saying it was his social media campaign, but… it probably was his social media campaign. The comedian teased Mandatory Fun with eight all new music videos in the eight days ahead of the album’s release, securing the front page of major news and entertainment websites, including Yahoo!, The Wall Street Journal, Nerdist and CollegeHumor – which is where all the kids hang out these days, apparently.

Weird Al
It's the first time since 1963 when a comedy album takes Number 1.

The second spot this week is occupied by Jason Mraz with Yes! The album was originally predicted to go neck-and-neck with Mandatory Fun, with industry insiders pegging both for launches in the vicinity of 70,000 copies. Ultimately, both did better than expected, but Mandatory Fun blew past expectations for an easy win.Third goes to Rise Against’s Black Market and Kidz Bop (really?) taking fourth with Kidz Bop 26. It doesn’t really qualify as stiff competition, but a record is still a record. 

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Weird Al Yankovic
See? Social networks aren't just for Millenials.