We Were Promised Jetpacks - The Bodega, Nottingham 9th November 2009 Live Review

Review of We Were Promised Jetpacks Live at The Bodega, Nottingham, 9th November 2009 with support from You V Me.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Normally adverb
If you normally do something, you usually or regularly do it
She doesn't normally arrive until ten.
Normally, I plan one or two days ahead.

If something happens normally, it happens in the usual or expected way
Is the phone working normally again?

The thing about this chilly night in the small but characteristic venue The Bodega is that things were not going to be normal (in a good way that is) so it is only fair that the review of this show mirrors that fact.

The band that everyone is here to see is Scottish quartet We Were Promised Jetpacks, and normally you wouldn't expect to see anything about the support act on a review. Well tonight is different and if rather than going to the bar for another drink downstairs, you ventured upstairs to take a look at the support act, you would have been pleasantly surprised. Local band You V Me (Derby) kick off with a brilliant instrumental start, with lead singer Adam Slater arriving on stage fashionably late, and yet right on cue. Once his vocals kick in everything for You V Me seem complete, although on that stage the five of them did look a bit squashed. Half way through the set Adam Slater shamelessly plugged the bands EP, but then again that is a good bit of business. The band played a song off the EP and for those intrigued by this band just visit their Myspace, as there is no doubt the few that did make the trip upstairs will or already have done.

Normally a gig on a Monday night one of the smaller venues around Nottingham you wouldn't expect more than twenty odd people, but We Were Promised Jetpacks are making waves and normally is out of the window, and a good crowed congregate waiting for We Were Promised Jetpacks to appear. No band to be seen but music is being played with 'zero, nine, and six.' being spoken which is We Were Promised Jetpacks very own 'A Half Built House' and the band appear looking ready to perform to this Nottingham crowd.

For some reason shaven headed Adam Thompson looks like he's from Glasgow rather than Edinburgh, but that is just being stereotypical. The band fly straight into 'It's Thunder And It's Lightning' and straight away the sound is absolutely awesome, and Adam Thompson shows that even though normally you use your mic, he steps back during parts of some of the songs and showcases how strong his vocals are.

Half way through the set the band are hit with a technical problem, well a broken snare drum. Which the band apologies for the stoppage and invite the crowd to ask any questions. Needless to say they weren't impressed with the Hibs versus Hearts game at the weekend, but everything is fixed and the album carry on with 'Keeping Warm' and it just adds to the whole experience of We Were Promised Jetpacks live.

The band introduce 'Quiet Little Voices' stating 'well this is it, the big one, Quiet Little Voices' everyone expecting this to be the last song of the night and normally most bands would finish on their big number, but not these guys instead they finish with 'Short Bursts' which is a fitting end to the night. Normally it's a complement to state that a band sound the same on your record as they do live, well these don't they give a different dimension with the live performance and sound so much better.

Normally you would have a hot chick (apologies for the sexist comment, diversity and all that) sat at the back selling the merchandise, but not tonight, tonight you find the sweaty boys selling and happily signing their stuff for elated fans after such a great show. A perfect end to a less than normal night.


Mark Moore

Site - http://www.myspace.com/wewerepromisedjetpacks