Review of Quiet Little Voices Single by We Were Promised Jetpacks

Review of We Were Promised Jetpacks single 'Quiet Little Voices' released through Fat Cat Records.

We Were Promised Jetpacks Quiet Little Voices Single

Already something of a household name in underground circles, Scots four-piece We Were Promised Jetpacks have a lot to live up to if the pre-debut release, and some would say, pre-signing hype is to be justified.

What they don't realise of course is that WWPJ have tunes dropping out of their ears like a stringent flow of wax, not to mention an adventurous, playful mood about each and every one of them that switches direction almost at will post-chorus every time.

'Quiet Little Voices', their debut seven-inch for esteemed independent Fat Cat Records was the lead song on their original demo that first got them noticed, and despite being well over a year old, it still sounds as fresh and exciting as it did back then.

Mixing pop sensibilities with a penchant for delivering obtuse, angular guitar chasms with random aplomb, 'Quiet Little Voices' could be The Futureheads covering one of Parts & Labor's more extreme moments of serendipity.

Flipside 'Let's Call This A Map' shows We Were Promised Jetpacks at their most indirect, its 4x4 math trajectory taking them to a completely different yet just as engaging world to the title track.

With an album already recorded and set for release this June, we expect you'll be hearing a lot more from this band in the coming months, and rightly so.


Dom Gourlay

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