Review of We Were Promised Jetpacks live at The Bodega, Nottingham

Has it really been nearly two years since We Were Promised Jetpacks played in Nottingham? Blimey, they have been missed! Let's Buy Happiness from the depths of Newcastle acted as the support band for the evening. Now, nine times out of ten, the support acts at these smaller gigs are normally some local band and/or just disappointing. But that night saw one band which was not. Let's Buy Happiness had a great energy surrounding them and were a fantastic introduction to the night.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

We Were Promised Jetpacks hit the stage looking slightly different from two years ago but you could still feel the energy from them. They kicked off with a new tune 'Circles and Squares', which went down well straightaway. Then, the Edinburgh four blasted out their biggest hit to date: 'Quiet Little Voices'. Naturally, this went down well but did have people wondering what they were actually going to finish with. Everything about that night was flying, including the cider!

Now, with this back catalogue which is only two albums, it is fair to say that it's full of wealth. While they banged out tune after tune, it is what they didn't play which added a twist to the night. The band played what they wanted to play and didn't shamefully promote themselves in that way (maybe they should have done). The new single was nowhere to be seen.

To the end of the night - and for anyone familiar with We Were Promised Jetpacks there is only one song that they could have possibly finished off with - they finished off with 'Thunder and Lightning'. Enough said. An amazing night - this band has lifted off.

It is sad to see that We Were Promised Jetpacks have not come far in the stakes of venues. The last time they were in Nottingham they were at the Bodega and this time they were there again. What is really sad is that this band, on both occasions, have proven that their worth, especially on tonight's performance which highlighted what a brilliant second album 'In the Pit of the Stomach' is.


Mark Moore

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