Review of Smile Kid Album by We The Kings

Florida quartet We The Kings released their self-titled debut in 2007 and have since shared the stage with the likes of Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls Now on their second album, it is currently being promoted on a North American tour that runs throughout the summer.

We The Kings Smile Kid Album

Beginning in thrilling fashion, 'She Takes Me High' is a punk-rock guitar anthem with an undeniable 'do do do' hook, but it is a false dawn for what turns out to be an unimpressive record after this. The vast majority of tracks are power-pop by numbers, which might capture a young teen market, but not much beyond it. 'Summer Love' is breezy to the point of being forgettable, while the softer approach of 'Promise The Stars' is reminiscent of McFly, who are not exactly missed by a high number of music fans. Heading in a synth direction is 'Heaven Can Wait' and it is equally as bad as the songs of Metro Station, but perhaps the bottom of the standings is 'We'll Be A Dream', in which the band rope in the vocal talents of Demi Lovato for a lousy ballad clearly intended to get mobile phones waiving in the crowds. It may well get that response from those not yet old enough to purchase a lottery ticket, but to anyone else it's a tedious moment on an album with little going for it.

Alex Lai

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