Review of WHB Album by We Have Band

We Are Band are set to release their debut album WHB, which you may guess is short for We Have Band. Don't let this put you off them though because when you have the likes of Depeche Mode and These New Puritans producing your record then you get the sense that it will be an interesting listen.

We Have Band WHB Album

It's fair to say that bands can be a lot more interesting when they use more than the bog standard guitar, drums and bass. We Have Band, prove just that and utilise programming, various percussion and samplers which help create their unique sound.

Straight away you sense that We Have Band have had a dream come true by working with Depeche Mode because they sound very much like them and in places likenesses to Joy Division maybe drawn. From start to finish, it's plain to see who We Have Band's influences are and that's not really a bad thing, these guys wear it on their sleeve and are proud of that. It's not a case that they are trying to sound like there influences it is just pure coincidence that they do.

'Divisive' takes us straight back to the 80's via a trip in the Delorean - Doc Brown could've had some writing input into some of these tunes. The eighties influence remains strong throughout the album. We Have Band will be cast under the label of electro-Punk which in the state of today is good thing because at least they are doing something different.


Mark Moore

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