U.S. rockers We Are Scientists are fighting off criticism for recording a song lending support to England's soccer World Cup campaign, insisting they're simply not fans of American football.
New York-based rockers Christopher Cain, Keith Murray and Andy Burrows' Goal! England has become a fast favourite at British national radio station, Radio 1.
But the group's American fans aren't happy about the hit and have accused We Are Scientists of lacking patriotism for their own country.
Vocalist Cain has responded to the backlash with an extended edit of the song, defending the decision to support England in the World Cup when it kicks off this Friday (11Jun10).
Cain argues, "People ask why we didn't record a football anthem for America. When you want to give your girlfriend a great gift, you give her something you know she wants, not something you want. We've never been huge football guys, but we're pretty big England guys, and we know her well enough to know she loves her a football (soccer) anthem. So we made her one."