Review of The Great Escape Single by We Are Scientists

(We Are Scientists)
The Great Escape
Single Review

We Are Scientists The Great Escape Single

Nothing spectacular but nothing drole either, We Are Scientists are a trio hailing from the good old U.S of A and you can tell by this little ditty, This is American indie, if there is such a thing, a definite American sound to it and wouldn't be surprised to hear this in an American teen film such as American pie 29 or Are You Still Doing That This Summer?
I would not expect to see this in the top 10; it's not as catchy as some of the other stuff about right now such as Franz and Louis XIV. This song is easily forgotten and unfortunately does not leave a lasting impression. It's alright for those who like really rubbish music but then say they like an obscure band to make themselves sound cool to their mates. The band are currently supporting The Editors on their British tour and so this may help gain them some British fans but I won't be waiting eagerly to hear an other single or album from them.

Joanna Nugent

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