Review of After Hours Single by We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists
After Hours
Single Review

We Are Scientists After Hours Single

We Are Scientists are practically timeless; the anomaly of their distinctive music never seems to wear-off! The New York outfit have gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years. They have matured rapidly but still, surprisingly enough, haven't been giving the due consideration or rather recognition that they deserve. They're often overlooked or passed off as a mere "Middle-of-the-road" band but that's where you'd be very much mistaken.

We Are Scientists are frivolous, effervescent and truly awe-inspiring band. They have an innovative streak to their music. "After Hours" is a track that shows us just a mere glimpse of the sheer potential this band has, and even this slightest glimpse leaves the listener spell-bound.Sheer Ecstasy to the musical ear. What A Track!

Danny Black

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