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We Are Scientists Brain Thrust Mastery Album

Since selling a respectable 150,000 units of their debut album 'With love And Squalor', American outfit We Are Scientists have lost original drummer Michael Tapper, but that hasn't dampened expectations for this follow-up release. Anyone wanting to catch them on their April UK tour had best act quickly as the majority of dates have already sold out.

Having never been ones to knock out a bog-standard indie tune, WAS stick to the adage of 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it'. Though the record begins in the solemn tones of the appropriately named 'Ghouls', they soon crack out an anthem in the shape of 'Let's See It' which features catchy 'oh ohs' and a riff to match. Recent single 'After Hours' is slick pop, while those in the mood for a dance should check out the bass-based groove of 'Lethal Enforcer'. It is this direction which works particular well and sees the pulsating 'Chick Lit' standout as one of the highlights of the album.

Though WAS have an obvious knack of making a decent song, they don't always get it right, with the punky 'Dinosaurs' and 'Tonight' making little impression. 'Spoken For' showcases a successful mellower tone, while the relentless droning guitars of 'Impatience' make the track reminiscent of Primal Scream's 2006 hit 'Country Girl'. Without really establishing any new ground for the band, 'Brain Thrust Mastery' should at least appease fans of WAS and provide their gigs with a fresh batch of anthems.

Alex Lai


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