We Are Scientists
Crap Attack

Formed in 2000 and having relocated to New York a year later, We Are Scientists are something of a rarity amongst American bands in that their style is much more suited to the UK indie scene. Touring with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Maximo Park gained them enough fans to see them find mainstream success and breaking into the Top 30 of the singles chart.

It should be noted that this DVD comes as part of a package with an audio disc of remixes, b-sides and other rarities - but this article concentrates on the visual disc. An impressive 13 promotional videos for the band's tracks are available, the highlight of which is seeing them get chased around by someone in a giant bear suit for the fantastic "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt". Other interesting concepts include a news bulleting for "Can't Lose" and the boxing match that accompanies "It's A Hit", for which an alternative video is also on show.

A sold-out London Astoria is the venue for the live segment, which above all else demonstrated WAS to be a very solid live band with an excitable following. They also prove humorous in a sarcastic way, feigning upset that they missed seeing James Blunt and commenting "a little flattery goes a very long way". The optional commentary from the band further enhances their easy-going nature, as their comments bounce off each other and they go off at a tangent before occasionally returning to talking about the footage. Rounding up the disc are a couple of funny if pointless commercials, but it all adds up to a package that is full value for fans of the band - and that's not even taking into account the CD.

Alex Lai

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