(We Are Scientists) Live review
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham. 27 September

We Are Scientists

More smiley front men. That's what the world needs. Until I watched (We are Scientists) I hadn't really thought about how many lead singers scowl and frown and generally carry on like they're having the worst time of their life. There's certainly none of that from Keith Murray, the quirky, charismatic and decidedly chirpy singer of this New York three piece.

Tonight's gig was a slow burner. Most of the crowd packed into the Rescue Rooms weren't too familiar with the work of (We are Scientists), but their insanely catchy songs are soon worming their way into our heads and our affections. They're extremely competant musicians and provide us with some thumping, addictive bass lines and jangly guitars.

Pretty boy Murray is also an excellent singer delivering intricate lyrics and hooky melody lines with personality and charm. Even bassist Chris Cain's porn-star moustache and Murray's floppy indie-boy hair failed to irritate me as I thought they would. That's because (We are Scientists) aren't taking themselves too seriously – the music they take seriously that's for sure – but not themselves. It's a very refreshing change. I'll certainly be checking out their debut album, 'With Love & Squalor'.

Sharon Edge

Official Site - http://www.wearescientists.com