Review of Nobody Move Single by We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Single Review

I'm sure everyone bought this single back in July 2005 when it was originally released, seeing as how everyone was there at the start, saw the first gigs, and helped make We Are Scientists one of the most talked about post punk, cat carrying, non scientists around. So my work here is done!

In reality, this track shifted very little first time around, and is set for a re-release in the coming month to coincide with their rise and rise in popularity. If you are one of the very few who haven't heard this track which opens their debut album "With Love And Squalor", then there are some things you need to know;

1. They are the first band since The Darkness to have a bassist sporting a moustache (Chris even wears glasses for God's sake!), so they clearly have a sense of humour, which carries through their music - if you don't believe me, check out their website and go to the reviews section, a finer collection of wash basins you will never see.

We Are Scientists Nobody Move Single

2. They have invented their own sound, I quote "Advanced High Level Sectional Articulation" - more likely, you'll appreciate knowing that their harmonious and fast packed riff tingling approach has guaranteed them much bigger success with this single at the second time of asking.

Fast and furious, the approach is sometimes like listening to three individuals who happen to be playing in the same room. That isn't to say that it's not great, far from it. It's just to say that they don't follow the normal blueprint of the bass following the Drums (or visa versa), laying behind and supporting the guitars. They flow and shift over each other, which works magically and could no doubt be better summed up as "Advanced High Level Sectional Articulation"!

With all that in tow and having even failed to mention the hedonistic lyrics "My body is your body, I won't tell anybody.", you must by now feel like you've been missing out. Thankfully, you have a second chance.


Elliott Bambrough

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